Friday, 22 July 2016

The Soubrette Brunette Dress by Le Bomb Shop

I wear a lot of Le Bomb Shop during summer. And I do mean a lot! Their range of halter top dresses are beautiful, with a variety of bust-line shapes and prints and colors. They start at just $38 USD, and are made of super light weight fabric that is just so perfect for summer. However, this means a lot of my Le Bomb Shop dresses sit atop my wardrobe shelf during winter months, just waiting for some sunshine to let me bust them out again.

I missed my Le Bomb pieces so much that I decided to have a browse the other day and ran across this pretty little thing, named for fellow (but much longer standing) blogger The Soubrette Brunette . I decided to grab one, as I have the same print in a halter dress that I just can't layer up for winter.

Whilst the fabric is still too thin to really be wearing during winter (it's freezing in Melbourne right now, so I do hope you northern hemisphere dwellers are enjoying the sunshine!) I think I'll layer it up with a petticoat and cardigan and a nice thick coat, because it's too pretty to put away right now.

The neckline is quite modest, and anyone with an average or smaller sized chest will end up with little cleavage. With the rise of more casual dress codes in the work place, this makes the Soubrette Brunette Dress a great option.

It comes with a smocked waist in the back, with the zipper ending right wear the elastic begins. This makes it very easy to get into (no ruining your hair, ladies, woo!) and sucks your waist right in. I added a belt from my own closet but it looks just lovely without one as well.

It comes in several colors in the polka dot print, as well as a couple of pretty florals.

I ordered my usual size small. My measurements are currently 37-27-37, and it fits with ease. Most anything with some smocking in the back will fit in your usual size, and this is no exception. I found it the tiniest bit tight around the back of the arms at first, but the fabric loosened in that area throughout the day and felt just fine by the afternoon.

It isn't exactly breastfeeding friendly for you breast-feeding mamas out there. I basically smuggle a breast out of anything so that I can wear what I want and still feed my child, but it's not exactly comfortable to do in this one. Nevertheless, you will still catch me in this one several times before Aurora is weaned. Call me the boob smuggler.

So, if you are after an inexpensive, just-enough-cleavage, retro dress in lots of pretty colors, go get this one. It's cute and it's comfy and oh-so-perdy!
And now for a little personal update. The moment I got engaged at such a young age (seven years ago, wow), I knew I would need to put my education aside for a while so my now husband and I could focus on purchasing a house and filling it with a little one (or two!). When we found out our second baby was another girl, one of the first things Martin said to me was "You have two little girls to inspire now. I can't wait until you earn a degree and for them to see they can do anything". And then I knew the time was right for me to start thinking about studying again.

I've gone back and forth between career choices for a long time, but Psychology was the only one that continuously came to the forefront of my passions. So, I began my online studies in the form of a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) at the start of the month.

It's not easy juggling a blog and daily outfit photos and cooking and home-making and motherhood and getting back into shape all at once. But better women than me have done far more than that at once, and I am blessed with a husband who works hard enough for me to have a long maternity leave and then return to work part time. So! I can't wait to keep on popping out blog reviews and recipes and motherhood tips, I just hope you will bear with me if my posts aren't always perfect. They never were before anyway, I just hope you'll love me anyway :)

Thanks for reading!

xo, Miss Betty Doll



  1. Congrats on going back to school! That's a big commitment with your gorgeous littles and I am so proud of you for doing it! Thanks for the dress review and as always.. you are absolutely stunning in anything you wear. Lots of love from Le Bomb Shop! xxx

    1. Thank you darling! Your encouragement means the world.


  2. Such a pretty dress! I love shades in on the warmer side of coral/pink like this. Plus, how awesome is that this frock is named after fellow fashion blogger Sammi? She's a style maven and more than deserves this great tribute.

    What an awesome, inspiring and very impressive undertaking. I wish you the absolute best with your return to school and will be cheering you on every step of the way.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. I agree, her style is quite unique and this dress suits her well!

      Thank you beautiful. You are such a special person and I know you mean it when you say you will cheer me on! I appreciate it from the depths of my heart <3

  3. Such a cute dress with the poker-dots and that shade of pink! This would be such a great dress to wear in summer! :)


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