Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Casual Retro / Pinup Looks How To

I love high heels as much as the next girl. Actually, probably more. I frequent the same shops often, and the management at these shops are always shocked when they see me in flats.

However, I've been missing my casual clothes lately. It's easy to be a little bit fancy with very little effort in summer, when a swipe of red lipstick and a beautiful halter dress is all it takes. But in winter you have to really work at it. You have to balance those winter layers, keep your hair in place against the cold wind and then often times wear heels to balance out all the length and coverage you have going on.

So, winter has inspired me to take it down a notch a little, and I've been enjoying it. I've posted a few of these outfits on instagram.

Note that my version of casual still includes styled hair and red lipstick. I love theatrics, what can I say.

But beyond that, I love the freedom that more casual outfits offer. Sneakers means I can walk as much as I want without feeling that dull throb in my feet by the time I get home. It also makes for soft and supple feet, ladies! And wearing sweaters or baseball tees mean that if my hair does get mussed in the wind (or rain, or hail... that's Melbourne for you) then it really doesn't detract from the outfit because it wasn't based on all that fancy in the first place.

My favourite thing at the moment is sweatshirts from Jay Jays, an Australia and New Zealand based brand that specialises in pop culture clothing. We don't have a Disney Store here in Australia, so I go here to get my Disney fix. They actually ship internationally too, so you ladies in the US can take full advantage of the weak Aussie dollar and stock up!

 Naturally I had to dress the girls up in Disney too. They were my little Minnie Mice today <3

 (Aurora's bow is from Belle Bowtique and comes in medium, large, and clip forms!)

Cotton On has also been doing lots of retro inspired tees and sweatshirts, including this super cute nautical inspired sweater.

Hot Topic does lots of cute sweatshirts like those that I mentioned for you US girls, but you can basically walk in anywhere and find cute, retro inspired outerwear lately! Even K Mart and Wal-Mart (or Big W here in Australia) has lots of cute stuff.

Keds, or cheaper versions of them, are also a favourite of mine. I remember I would get $20 every other week when I was a pre-teen for doing household chores. The day I got paid, I would go straight to the local shopping centre and get glittery lip gloss, bubblegum, a magazine that I felt cool reading but hated the content of, and fresh, white sneakers like the ones above. There was other no feeling like getting pure white sneakers. I love that they are similar to converse but daintier, so as to go with more outfits. Even the Goddess of Pinup approves, as seen below.

The Twirl in a Circle Skirts from Le Bomb Shop are perfect for these looks, but I've also been doing the Eva Pants from Pinup Girl Clothing (which feel just like leggings but look much more put together) and jeans.

Comfortable sweaters were popular in the 50s, and I love taking that sillouette and mixing it up with my favourite themes or characters.

Nevertheless, I realise this style isn't completely 50s. It's definitely only retro inspired, and I love that. I love mixing it up and not shopping only with retro repro and inspired brands. I love the femininity of the 40s and 50s, with the emphasis on the little waists and red lips. And I love taking all of that and transforming it into something of my own.

So what about you ladies? Are there any casual looks that you'd like to share? I would love to see them!

Thanks for reading!

xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. Awesome outfits! I love to dress to the nines as well, but likewise, have days when I want/need to tone things down a bit and enjoy finding ways to make causal attire fit with my vintage aesthetic, too. One particular favourite is a button down (or other type of classic) shirt and either my Freddies overalls/dungarees or 40s style side button jeans. Another is a 50s (or repro) circle skirt and a cute t-shirt, usually with a head scarf or turban.

    There' also, in my books, no beating the ease and versatility of a great shirtwaist dress, some flats, a cute brooch, and maybe some bangles for an outfit that can go anywhere from the grocery store to the doctor's office to a casual dinner with friends.

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

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