Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Trashy Diva Bianca Dress Review

Shorter skirts in the pinup world are few and far between, as the look centralises around the classic 50's silhouette. But my oh my, the 60s inspired Bianca Dress by Trashy Diva is a leggy number that keeps things modest everywhere else and needs to become a pinup staple.

I am 5'6" and the skirt of the dress falls to a few inches above my knee cap. The length of the skirt allows for the full, billowy sleeves to take centre stage without the look getting overshadowed by too much fabric.

Speaking of fabric, it's made from a gorgeous rayon crepe de chine which drapes beautifully and compliments the graceful nature of the dress. The one drawback to this fabric is the lack of stretch, which can make the buttoned sleeves difficult to get out of. I hop into something more comfortable (of the loungewear variety, mind you) the second I get home, and more than once I have found myself in a panic as I struggle to get my hands out of the sleeves that I don't have time to unbutton because daughter number 2 is screaming for me. As the rest of the dress is perfectly functional and gorgeous, however, it will never deter me from wearing it. 

The sizing is fairly generous on this one, as the fit is not meant to have a bit of room. I ordered a size 6, which my measurements matched up with, and found that I have a good amount of wiggle in the waist. I like the way it fits and would not have sized down. My advice to you is if you are between sizes, you can size down comfortable. But bear in mind this is a non-stretch fabric, so comfort must be taken into consideration. 

It closes with a size zip, but contrary to most dresses which close this way, it will not mess up your hair! This is due to the wide set front and back. The zip is only for opening up the waist wide enough for you to pull the dress on. The bust and back of the dress are generous so stepping through them is easy.

Regarding quality, the fabric alone is a beautiful one, but the structure of the dress is perfect. The gathering at the sleeves and wide waist pair perfectly with the mini skirt. For lack of a more suave way of putting it, this dress will make you feel a little bit fancy.

The back is identical to the front, which would make this perfect for spring-time updos. I've worn it through autumn and winter with boots and layered on a coat, so the long sleeves and light fabric make this a versatile and nearly-all-year-round dress.  

Trashy Diva sells several obi belts which would look perfect with this dress, if a structured waist is more your thing. I know I'll be grabbing one or two next time I place an order.
This dress also comes in Forget Me Not Floral, and they have sizes 2 and 4 left. If you're tiny, go grab them, because they are on sale and gorgeous! 

Overall this is an ultra-feminine dress, and given Trashy Diva's reputation for quality and beautiful clothes, I feel it's a worthwhile investment!

Now, for a little personal update. Having little ones means a million things going on all at once, all the time. Selene recently upgraded to a big girl bed, and has gone from waking up all night for a month to sleeping soundly. She does keep waking up and settling herself to sleep in her closet or on the floor, now that she isn't bound by her cot. It's adorable, however, and gives me an excuse for one last cuddle before I settle into bed when I put her back into hers.

Aurora is growing rapidly, and is now on solids. She continues to be the sunshiny-est baby ever, and I don't know what I would do without her.

As for me, after a week off from University it's full steam ahead on studying. Getting this degree is even more overwhelming than I thought I would be, in that every new concept is so frustrating to grasp! I am often my own worst enemy, and being a perfectionist means getting flustered for not immediately understanding what I am learning. But I am enjoying it, and I am so happy to be undertaking further education.

Thank you for reading!
xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. What a sizzingly alluring dress! It's got that perfect va-va-voom quality and strikes me as something a 60s Bond Girl might have worn.

    That really is adorable about Selene opting to sleep in various spots other than her actual bed - aww! :)

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. 60's bond girl? Oh, marry me already, Jessica! Your compliments just make me blush <3

      xo Miss Betty Doll


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