Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Trashy Diva Honey Dress Review

I mentioned a few weeks ago that shelf bust dresses are becoming a favourite of mine. After finally working out how to get the Ophelia Dress by Lindy Bop to work for me (and I do so love it!!) I knew I had to add to my growing collection.

I had known about the Honey Dress design by Trashy Diva for years, but somehow never purchased one. After seeing the beautiful periwinkle Atomic Print Honey (please tell me that color reminds you of Hermione's ball dress in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire book) I knew I needed to take the plunge.

Atomic isn't a print I would generally go for to be honest. The futuristic theme is cute, but I've seen so many pretty versions of this theme and it's never caught my eye. But the gorgeous color palette used here is irresistible and eye-catching. I kept getting looks at my local shopping centre and thought I had something on my face because I had just scarfed down lunch in an oh-so-lady-like manner minutes before. It wasn't until a gorgeous grandmother came up to me and said she loved my look that I realised it was the dress drawing attention (and not a blob of sauce on my face. I wouldn't put it past me).

There is peach, red and grey laced throughout the dress. I actually painted my nails grey last night to try something new and found that they match it perfectly. I haven't perfectly matched my nails to my outfit in a long time, so obviously I felt like I was conquering the world today. It's the little things.

ALSO - it matches the Princess Pom Pom shoes in Pink from Pinup Girl Clothing!!!

Anyway, let's talk about the fit. I ordered a US size 6. This is the equivalent of an AU size 10, whereas I normally where an AU size 8 or a US size 4. So I sized up.

I am down to just 3 kilos to go to get back to my pre-baby weight, but my weight is pretty evenly distributed and all of my clothing fits me the same as it did before I had Aurora now, so this dress is a little on the smaller size. If you are between sizes, I would suggest sizing up. As you can see in the photos, it is neither too snug nor too big, so sizing up was the right option for me. I would have had a bit of pulling across the waist if I had ordered my normal size. It makes sense anyway as my waist is currently just over 26" and their size chart says a size 4 only goes to 26". It also labels a size 4US/8AU as a size x-small, which I have never been.

There is tons of room in the bust for the girls. Smaller chested girls may find this one a little too roomy, but I have a sneaking feeling it wouldn't be too hard to alter.

The material is nice and thin, which is nice because many of the shelf / gathered bust dresses on the market are made of a thicker material. This is one you can wear in summer without worrying too much about... well.... getting a little warm in the armpits. It's a perfect trans-seasonal dress as well.

On the personal side of things, it's been kind of a rough month. Selene and Aurora have both been sick, which has resulted in Selene waking all night long with awful night terrors. My husband works from home with me at night with I study, but it's been near impossible for us to get things done this way. I also recently found out my parents, through no fault of their own, won't be able to come down for a visit as soon as we thought. They haven't met Aurora yet so it's been hard on them and on me. And my husband injured his knee, so I've been running around on no sleep trying to deal with everyone's needs and still somehow pass this semester of school.

Even with all of that going on I am still somehow passing my statistics unit. Don't ask me how. I put it down to reading my materials a million times and having a lot of coffee. But at least that's on track!

Life is all about seasons. If everything was peachy all the time, we would take it for granted. Everything's been going really well for awhile now, so I was about due for some hardship! I am still very blessed and love the life I lead and the people in it, so I'll pull through. Prayers for my family and I would be much appreciated however, as we are all mourning the trip that should have come to pass already and is still such a long way off.

Baby weight is almost gone and, with Aurora being 5 months old now, I am feeling more like myself. I am getting into routine again and loving the exhausting, beautiful journey that is motherhood.

Thank you for reading!

Until next time,
xo, Miss Betty Doll


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