Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Jodiliscious in Bernie Dexter

Peasant tops and dresses are everywhere. Everywhere!

I used to daydream about being some sort of beautiful milk maid or something out of the Princess Bride when I was a little girl. I know, always a flair for the dramatic. But really, every time I would see sleeves like those on the Jodi Dress by Bernie Dexter, I would go weak at the knees. Pretty dresses actually give me tingles. Thank goodness I'm a psychology major so I can analyse that one later....

Anyhoo, I was having a browse of the beautiful dresses at Unique Vintage, and after seeing the Jodi Dress in Honeycomb Print and Taffy Print, I immediately had to have them. Most Bernie Dexter dresses possess skirts with the perfect amount of fullness, which nips in your waist and flares out in all the right places. I feel most confident about my body in the Paris Dress by Bernie, and now I can safely say the Jodi Dress gives me all the same feelings.

The material is a medium weight cotton, definitely more on par with Bernie's other offerings than with the Paris Dress, which is made of light weight cotton. I didn't need a petticoat with it today. I rarely wear petticoats with Bernie dresses, as the amount of gathering in the skirt and the flattering length really don't warrant one.

The bust is ever so flattering with it's square neckline, There is lots of room to stretch, so if you are larger busted you will love this dress. The elastic on the neckline is nice and secure, so the bust billows out with just enough room to make your girls look good and still let you breathe. (And yes, for you mamas, the elastic means it is super breast-feeding friendly)

The dress closes with a back zipper, which is very easy to zip up as the neckline around the back is nice and low so there's only so far you have to zip.

When I first saw the dress, I wasn't completely sure what the pattern looked like. Whilst close-ups are provided, the taffy print is done in such a way that is difficult to photograph and really see the detail over a screen. I popped Aurora in a tutu onesie today when I wore the dress, and I found the pattern on her tutu and on my dress was remarkably similar. It looks sort of marbled from far away, and then the taffy/tutu-esque pattern becomes clear up close.

With regards to sizing, I ordered a size small. I am 36-26-36 and everything fits very well. Most Bernie dresses on me have a bit of a girdle-effect and actually suck me in a little at the waist without it feeling tight or uncomfortable. Magic.

The only downside to this dress is the sleeves, which are a little tighter than I would like. I have pretty average sized arms. I mean, I carry around children all day, so they are damn toned (depending on the angle, ha). They have that sort of tight feel that you get where you don't notice it until you adjust your sleeves and it's slightly sore where your sleeves just were. And then, of course, the feeling dissipates, so it really isn't a big deal to me. I have the same thing with Pinup Girl Clothing's peasant tops.

 I have the Honeycomb Print Dress hanging up in my closet at the moment and I cannot wait to wear it tomorrow. It's actually a little embarrassing how excited I am. What can I say, it's a perdy dress.

On Wednesday I will be doing a Halloween Post, because there are about a million gorgeous Halloween designs out at the moment! Australia is a strange place - I am planning this year's Halloween costumes whilst getting excited about my spring wardrobe. That's the southern hemisphere for you.

Thanks for reading!

xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. Your style is amazing! I'm a stay at home mum of a very active 4 year old who loves going to the park, hopping down streets in the city, playing avoid the cracks etc etc. I would love to dress in swing skirts but not sure what to do about the footwear situation. I know (from experience) that I cannot run after my kid in heels...not even wedges when he's seen something super shiny. So I would love to see a post with heel alternatives...ballet flats maybe? What else could work? Help!

    1. Hi lovely! I will absolutely do a post on retro footwear.

      xo Miss Betty Doll

  2. Makeup is really amazing, you are very beautiful.



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