Monday, 19 September 2016

Matching Mother Daughter Outfits - Candy Stripes

The Candy Stripe Dress by the Pretty Dress Company has been everywhere. For months and months I tried to avoid it, as the price tag of this beauty is definitely on the higher side at $198USD. Then, when I decided to face the music and buy it in all it's irresistible glory, it was sold out in my size. A month later I checked Unique Vintage and found it was back in stock.

As usual, it arrived lightning fast, and this dress is so damn pretty I don't think anything less would have done for me!

I opted to get a size 10, as I am nearly between a small and a medium in a few retro brands, and I didn't want to risk this being too small. It's a risk I should have taken, as when it arrived I found I would have been better off with a size 8. The measurements for the size 8 are 34 bust and 26.5 waist, however as my busy is 36 and my waist nearly 27, this dress runs a little bigger than the sizing portrays. If you are between sizes - size down!

The sizing of the dress meant that, even though it is supportive, it was too big to go without a bra. I wore a white bra with it and as you can see, the straps showed in the back. I'll be wearing a clear strapped bra with it next time, and may have it taken in a little so that it fits me better. You cannot tell it's too big from sight, which is nice! It's only by feel that I knew I could have gone down a size.

My favourite part about this dress is the endless accessory options. A full rainbow of colours mean you can go sweet in lilac and pinks or bright and summery in yellow. For those of you entering autumn, pairing this with an orange cardigan like the MAK cardigan (worn here in lilac) would help you extend it's seasonal life. I know that's what I will be doing after summer comes and goes here in Melbourne.

Many of the dresses from The Pretty Dress Company are quite long in length, so I opted to shorten mine to just above the knee. With such a bright and beautiful print, I didn't want to feel swamped by the fabric. I'm very happy with the length now.

The canvas-like fabric is super unique and you can feel the quality when you wear it. It's slightly stiff, so there is seriously no petticoat required. The skirt has a few big pleats instead of gathers, and even so the fabric allows plenty of poof factor.

I used to match with my oldest daughter almost every single day. I was meticulous about matching her accessories to mine and making our outfits easily identifiable as a pair. With two, I have toned down the matchiness quite a bit and opted for doing mother daughter outfits a couple of times a week. Even then, I don't aim for an exact match as fashion is meant to be fun, not stressful, and matching all three of us perfectly too often is stressful.

But when I saw these adorable striped dresses from Pumpkin Patch, I immediately grabbed them and knew they would be perfect with my dress. Selene's has an orange bodice and Aurora's has yellow. Their stripes don't have any pink or purple like my dress does, but as you can see from the photos it's a pretty close match!

I love Pumpkin Patch too much for words. Most of Selene's wardrobe is from there, and the quality is so amazing that her "hand-me-downs" to Aurora feel like anything but. Most of her dresses look brand new even after up to a year of wear, and I love discovering her old wardrobe and preparing it for Aurora.

So, key points to remember about this gorgeous dress:
  • The quality is amazing and worth every penny
  • No petticoat needed
  • If in between sizes, size down. Size chart is about an inch smaller than the dress in bust and waist.
  • Length is long, so great if you are tall
  • Matches with oranges for Autumn wear
  • It's beautiful. Really really beautiful

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,
xo Miss Betty Doll



  1. Gosh, do I adore that dress! It's sweet, fun, feminine, and as cheerful as a sunny day. Plus it looks fantastic on you, stylish gal!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. Sweet, fun and feminine could just as easily describe you, lovely!

  2. Oh I love, love this dress so much and which by the way looks amazing on you! Your two little girls look so adorable in there dresses too! xo

  3. Can I just say how amazing it is that you have two young children and a white couch?! I always love seeing your mother/daughter and parenting posts. As someone in the retro clothing community, you always have great ideas and reviews <3

  4. May I know if you are wearing a petticoat in the photos? Thank you!


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