Friday, 16 September 2016

Matching Mother Daughter Outfits - Lindybop Love and Bonsai Kitten Bows

My love for Lindybop's kids and baby section definitely didn't end with my last blog post. The girls wear these outfits so much, and I found the perfect dress to match it, so I figured it was time for another Matching Mother Daughter Outfits Post!

In my review of the Lindyset and Audrey dresses, I touched on longevity of wear. Months later, I am happy to report that the Lindyset still fits Aurora beautifully! The little diaper cover that comes with the dress is amazing - it acts almost like a pair of shorts as your bubba grows, and keeps the dress looking just as cute as day 1. 

It's difficult to find them now as they are all out of stock on Lindybops website, but I managed to find a few in other prints on Succubus in bowling and route 66 print. If you have any little ones in your life that you were thinking of dressing in these, now is the time to grab them! 

Whilst there are several matching options for this print in particular, I had been in need of a Bonsai Kitten fix when I ordered the girls' dresses. So, instead I grabbed a Pussybow Dress. My obsession with Bonsai Kitten's pussybow tops and dresses is neverending. Bow's and pretty necklines get me every time, and this dress has both. I feel instantly feminine in it, and I love that it flows away in just the right place to disguise the tummy area.

This dress is currently out of stock, however Rhea of Bonsai Kitten has advised it will most likely return during Spring (in Australia, so Autumn for most of my other readers). So keep those requests coming! If you demand it, she should put these into production again :)

We used the girl's dresses during some quick Father's Day photos recently. All the cuteness <3

As for a personal update, I am continuing to feel all the emotions in every aspect of my life. Overwhelming happiness, stress, frustration, accomplishment, humility... everything that comes with being a mother, studying, keeping house, career planning and doing what I love (blogging!) on the side.

 Everything is really busy, and I spend a lot of time trying to steal individual moments with my daughters and husband. Sneaking upstairs to kiss my husband while the girls are distracted, keeping Selene up after Aurora so that I can cuddle her close, wearing Aurora while I bake so that it's just her heartbeat and mine... Choosing to cram so many hobbies and family life and an education together makes it easy to feel snowed under, so giving my time to my family in short, all-consuming spurts where we can lose ourselves in the moment for just a minute is important to me.

Aurora has reached the age now where I get big blocks of time to get things done during the day and especially at night while she sleeps, but I find those moments are more for studying. Around this time with Selene, I was able to keep up with all the home duties pretty well. Now, it's much more of a juggling act. Martin works from home though, so sitting next to him at our desk and studying is ideal, and means neither of us feels like we are missing out on time with one another.

I am thankful I can study, overall. Spending so much time thinking about the practical needs of my daughter's can make it hard to remember who I am. I am multi-faceted, even if that doesn't show so much during the day when I am chasing after Selene to put underwear on or begging Aurora to not soil the diaper I just put on her... but at night, when it's dark and my husband and I put on rock music and move between working and studying and watching Penny Dreadful, everything feels balanced again.

We have our family photos next week with the fabulous Tina Ramos Photography, and we will be wearing matching dresses from Pigtails and Pirates. I'm so excited, I just hope it doesn't rain... because, well, Melbourne.

I was recently asked to write a blog post for a brand that I love and that you will be seeing more of, so stay tuned for that in the next week or so. I also have a new blog series that will be stemming off the post I did, and it's a much requested one!

Until then...

Thanks for reading!

xo Miss Betty Doll


  1. Aww!! Just adore that last photo of your husband with the girls! <3

    1. Thanks beautiful! Seeing comments from you always makes me happy :)

  2. So very sweet! It always floors me to see how big the girls are getting with each new shoot of them that you share here.

    I think you are doing incredible with every last thing that you currently have on your plate. You are such an inspiring woman!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. That means so much coming from you, who is the model of perseverence! <3


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