Thursday, 29 September 2016

Vixen by Micheline Pitt Review Part 2- Powderpuff Tops

I gave a rave review of the Vixen Tops and Makeup Print Skirt by Vixen earlier in the week here. But the piece from her range that first drew me to Vixen by Micheline Pitt was the Powderpuff Tops. I couldn't even squeeze them into my last post because they are so amazing they need a post all their own.

Micheline first previewed these tops a few months ago, and that was where my anticipation first began to grow. I didn't even care what else she would be offering at the time, as long as I could get my hands on the Powderpuff Tops asap.

This is where I have to give you an embarrassing childhood fact to relate to why I love these so much. I seem to do one almost every post, so here goes: When I was a little girl, I would draw princesses with the world's tiniest waist and these big puffy sleeves like you would see on 90's cartoon princesses. The Swan Princess, Princess Peach, all the best princesses had puffy sleeves. This top is like an adult version of everything my little girl dreams are made of. My husband loves food so much it can make him misty-eyed (ha, and it's the cutest thing ever.). That's me with fashion (ok, that's me with food too). I have a deep, emotional attachment to pretty things that make me feel like a princess. But I'm totally an adult. I swear.

The best part about this top isn't just the puff sleeves though, it's its versatility. With the sleeves up, it's a demure little thing that's sure to complete any outfit. With the sleeves down, it's instantly sexy and adds another dimension to what you can wear with it.

One of the reasons I was so excited for this top, as I mentioned on instagram, was the fact that I could finally pair jeans with a top like this! There are several puff-sleeved tops on the retro market, but this one, like the Vixen Top, is made from a thick stretch cotton and has no zipper. I'll try not to repeat part 1 of this post too much in lamenting how amazing it is to have beautiful retro style tops without zippers, so suffice it to say I'm happy.

I am basically trying not to wear them every day, for the sake of variety - but it's very hard. Most of my outfit posts since I received my Vixen order contain the Powderpuff Tops. 
 (side note - I CAN FIT INTO THESE JEANS AGAIN! Its been 6 months of trying, and finally I've lost enough weight to wear these comfortably. Aurora is on a lot of solids now, which means my body is no longer holding onto fat for dear life to keep my milk supply up, so the weight is just kind of coming off on its own. Praise the milky gods.)

I ordered a size small, which was perfectly matched to my measurements of 37-27-37. From what I have seen, you can definitely size according to your smallest measurements as the top stretches easily, however choose according to how much puff you want in the sleeves. So if you have a size medium waist and a size large bust and want lots of puff, get the size large. This will ensure you can push the sleeves far enough up your arms to give all that puff-sleeved goodness. If you are indifferent, then order according to your smallest measurement.

Now, with regards to the colour of the pink Powderpuff Top, I've compared it to a couple of the skirts I've been asked about with regards to match. Almost any pink I hold it up against goes from looking like a true pink to appearing a little on the salmon side of things, so the pink top definitely has a lilac undertone vs a red or orange undertone. It's basically the girliest shade of pink known to humanity. Also, take note that it is a perfect match to the Makeup Print Skirt, and is not as dark as the way it appears in the Etsy photos.

The Powderpuff Top is currently available in pink, white and black, with red coming very soon. If I could snap my fingers and have it made in another few colors, it would be lilac, baby blue and mint. Or, you know, every single colour of the rainbow and then some. That would work too.

Thanks for reading!
xo, Miss Betty Doll

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  1. Far from embarrassing, I think that's immensely heartwarming and sweet. It's beautiful that you've held onto a passion for the princess styles that you idolized as a youngster to this day and adore that you've found grownup ways to weave them into your (awesome) wardrobe. I've always been a gigantic girly-girl with a love for highly feminine/princess approved styles, too, so reading that really resonated with me.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica


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