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Vixen by Micheline Pitt Review Part 1- Vixen Top and Full Skirt

It's no secret I have been eagerly awaiting my Vixen order since I pre-ordered it months ago. And by "eagerly", I mean feverishly stalking my Etsy account, waiting for my shipment notification.

I can still rememer the first retro clothing order I ever placed, and the excitement that followed as I awaited its arrival. This matched that excitement.

I received the Vixen Top, Makeup Skirt and Powderpuff Top, but I am just reviewing the first two in this post so as to not make it too long.

Micheline Pitt started her own business venture a few months back, and has been pumping out gorgeous artwork and clothing ever since. Her social media presence has been nothing short of perfection as she has responded to every message and kept her fans and customers in the loop about her clothing line. I've personally messaged her several times with questions I saw floating around Facebook groups, and she has responded promptly and thoroughly every single time.

There have been a few delays, as to be expected with any baby business, and her customers respected those delays and Micheline respected her customers' time and money spent. It's been such a pleasure to watch the small community grow into a humble yet sassy hub.

Once my items were ready, they arrived on my doorstep in a week and a half, with a handwritten note from Micheline tucked inside.

The Vixen Top was everything I had hoped it would be. There are several tops on the retro market with similar collars, sleeve lengths etc, but none of them have worked for me. This is the kind of top that needs to be form-fitting to really give that clean and sexy look, and most companies have chosen to make these in traditional cotton or sateen fabrics. Whilst I loved the look, I found them to be uncomfortable in the sleeves (which is why you always see me excitedly reviewing 3 quarter length dresses and tops that are actually comfortable - because it's rare to find). This top is made from a thick cotton spandex that breathes beautifully and wears like a t-shirt.

The collar can be worn up or down, which is surprising given the nature of the fabric. I expected it to flop around when worn up, but it doesn't at all!

 It totally reminds me of the Evil Queen, whose epic collar I have loved since I could say "Disney".

There is a small amount of cleavage when worn with a normal bra, and even with a push-up bra the cleavage is still tasteful.

The fabric is thick enough that it holds you in, and it stays in place all day. I often find myself readjusting my tops a couple times a day to make sure everything looks tidy. I didn't do it once with the Vixen Top, and I'm a breastfeeding mother. And yes, this means it is breast-feeding friendly, for the most part. The neckline doesn't quite plunge low enough to do it with complete ease, but it's definitely possible to do what you gotta do in this top.

My favourite part of these tops is the distinct lack of zipper. You seriously just pull it on and go (and the stretch means you can stretch it around your hair, so there's no messing up your carefully teased do!) I can't tell you how often my tops bunch up in the back due to the zipper. I thought this was just something I would have to deal with because having a small waist to hip and bust ratio generally means having a gap in the back, and therefore bunching. But there's no bunching because there's no zipper!

I am wearing a size small and at 37-27-37 it's a perfect fit. Micheline has advised smaller-busted ladies that there won't be any gaping in this top, and I believe her! I would order based on your smallest measurement for this one as it will stretch to form to the rest of your curves.

Next up is the Makeup Print Skirt. There are several gathered skirts on the market at the moment, and this one is definitely my favourite due to one simple detail - the stretch fuse waistband. Micheline had just enough stretch added to the waistband that it doesn't fold when you sit down or, you know, eat. I don't know about you but I hate it when I get to the end of the day and my skirts are on the snug side. The stretch in the waistband takes care of that because it breathes with you just enough to not restrict you after a meal.
I am wearing a size small. I have the same waist-size as Micheline at 27 inches, so figuring out my size was easy for me. Were my waist an inch or two bigger, I would have gone with a medium, so I would say they are very true to the size chart. For those between sizes, I would encourage you to follow her on instagram if you aren't already, as she reposts reviews from her customers that will help you out with sizing.  She also spends an ungodly amount of time responding to her customers, so chances are if you ask her what size to order, she will help you out.

The quality is exactly what I was expecting from anything Micheline creates. Super thick sateen fabric with ALL the fullness and swing a girl could ask for. And don't even get my started on the bubblegum pink and the gorgeous print. I wore this with the Pink Powderpuff Top the other day and actually had to start walking with my eyes down so that no one would stop me to compliment it because I was in a hurry. Yes, it's that pretty and yes, it will get that much attention. It's stunning.

The sizing is the same for the Lipstick Print Skirt, which I didn't order only because I already have a white skirt covered in kisses from Hellpixie. I do want the dress though, which is out for pre-order. I am desperately clamoring to finish my spring closet clear out so that I can get that and other Vixen goodies.

Pricing is fantastic value as well, with the Vixen Top coming in at just $48USD and the Skirts coming in at $94USD.  International shipping is reasonable if you order enough.. and seriously, the whole range is amazing so I can't see anyone ordering just one thing anyway.

This range is seriously rocking my world right now, and perfecting things I didn't even know bothered me. I had no idea it was possible to make the waistband of a gathered skirt stretch enough to make it fit better, or that these style of tops could be made without zippers and in such an amazing fabric. My whole perspective of retro clothing has changed and I really hope other brands follow suit and add more comfortable options.

I'll be reviewing the Powderpuff Tops later on in the week and giving some comparisons of the pink top to other pinks in my closet, to give you an idea of the exact shade.

Thanks for reading!
xo, Miss Betty Doll



  1. That beauty product print skirt is soooo fabulously cool! What a clever novelty design.

    This outfit looks so great on you. The portions and fit couldn't be more spot on, IMO.

    Thank you for another fantastic review. It will be a lot of fun to watch how Michelle's line continues to evolve and, hopefully, flourish.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica


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