Thursday, 22 September 2016

Wishlust Wednesday: Halloween Edition

Halloween wasn't my favourite holiday growing up. I loves dressing up, and the theatrics of it all was always exciting, but Christmas holidays were normally more my thing.

Moving to Australia changed all that. Something about wanting what you can't have, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and every other cliche.It's the same reason I get far too excited when I find American sodas here in Melbourne.

Now, Halloween is definitely one of my favourite holidays. The horror movie nights and trick or treaters and spooky home decor. And candy apples. Let's not forget the candy apples. Most exciting of all though, is the fashion!

Until recently, there weren't too many really cute Halloween pieces available. You could find some here or there, but not too much. Now, there is really no end to the options available. You've got pumpkin and black cat prints, haunted mansions and every color from orange to pink!

Bearing in mind some of these items aren't yet in stock, here's my top favourites for this Wishlust Wednesday:

A - Haunted Mansion Skirt by Unique Vintage - I first saw this one on the lovely Jess Wright of Jess W Photography and felt like the two awkwardly coexisting sides of my nature (Phantom of the Opera and unicorns, allegedly) had somehow found their way onto a skirt. The bubblegum pink background and dark mansion are everything I could ever want in a Halloween inspired skirt. Jess paired this one with the Pink Powderpuff Top by Vixen (one of which arrived in an eagerly anticipated package for me earlier this week, and I can't wait to review it!) and it was amazing.

B - Jenny Dress in Lantern Print - Being in Australia means it's warm around October, and full on fall colours like reds and oranges are a little harder to pull off. This dress is the perfect answer, with it's teal and green colour scheme. Stephanie Buscema has done quite a few cute prints for PUG over the years, and this one is no exception.

C - Pinup Gothic Cupcakes Apron - Y'all have no idea how badly I want to purchase this and wear it for a Baking With Littles Halloween segment. Seriously. It's so cute, it kills me. The lace edging and the classic purple and orange colour scheme work well together to create a piece that's cutesy and elegant all at once. I love this because it let's you get into the Halloween spirit without feeling like you've gone overboard with an entire ensemble.

D - Bernadette Bolero in Spiderweb by Laura Byrnes California - I had a Barbie outfit with a bolero just like this when I was a little girl. I used to spend so long daydreaming about owning the outfits my barbies wore that I would actually exhaust myself. I know, weird kid. Anyway, with the clean black and white spiderweb print, and light mesh material, this bolero would pair perfectly with something white. It's definitely the classiest way to wear a Halloween themed outfit!

E - Hansel and Gretel Jenny Skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing - Ah, the Jenny Skirt. With the exception of the length, which was creeping towards my ankles by the time the team at PUG decided to scale it back to it's original length, it can really do no wrong. I started with pink and I'll end with pink, because this candy covered fairytale skirt is everything.

Here's to hoping I have a clothing budget next year to put some of these babies in my closet!

Thanks for reading.
xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. How amazing is that Hansel and Gretel skirt? What a unique, captivating subject matter for a novelty print.

    Have a splendid weekend, sweet dear,
    ♥ Jessica


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