Saturday, 1 October 2016

Baking With Little Ones - Halloween Pancakes

It's October!!! Besides December for Christmas, October has to be the funnest baking month of the year.

Let's be honest - I don't know how many times I will actually rustle up some pretty Halloween Treats this month, because I have two tiny children, and I am studying and blogging and trying to inhale every moment I have with said littles and my husband. However, I found the cutest recipe, or idea, for Halloween themed pancakes and knew they were easy and fun enough to make the family happy and get into the Halloween spirit.

I found these on a blog called Snickerdoodle the very morning I took these photos, so it just goes to show how easy these are to throw together.

I already had the googly-eyes from Wilton sitting in my pantry, because I have a whole shelf stuffed with baking decor, but this lady actually has guide for making them yourself if you have the time (hint - it's just royal icing!)

Anyway, I thought I'd use this month's Baking With Littles to show you how I made this as kid-friendly as absolutely possible, and had fun with it too!

Ok, first off, one word: costumes. Halloween costumes are generally costly, so buy them early and let the kiddies wear the hell out of them. Selene actually has her own little dress-up station in her bedroom, but otherwise I'd be letting her wear her Halloween costume all month. Or all year actually, because who needs an excuse for dress-ups?

Second off - pancake mix. Yeah, yeah, organic and home-made and whole-wheat and sugar-free and all that goodness is, well, good. But if you're going to try to have fun with breakfast and let a toddler help, or a child of any age really, then make things easy on yourself and just use a mix. We are already messing with googly-eyes and orange dye and chocolate topping here, so we don't need a flour explosion too.

 (How almost every baking session ends, which is why I almost never let her help me bake when company is coming hehe)

So, this is super simple:
  1. Add as much orange dye (or green or purple or any other "Halloweeny" colours) as you see fit into a bowl with the pancake mix and amount of water the directions call for. 
  2. Let your little one stir to combine, and don't stress about the lumps.
  3. Make your pancakes nice and little so that your little one can help you flip it, if need be. 
  4. Stack 'em up, top with Hershey's chocolate syrup, or maple syrup, or anything else that is delicious and full of sugar (because these are meant to be fun, people). Top with whip cream, sprinkle with googly-eyes and done!

 (I am not a food blogger - can you tell by my photos?)
Selene and I had so much fun making these. She was a little testy that morning, and I was a little out of patience, and then she found my Cinderella costume while I was organising my closet and asked me to put it on. She put on her Belle costume herself, and I thought some Halloween pancakes would be cute with our outfits. Stirring and pouring and throwing googly-eyes on top of bright orange pancakes made her morning and instantly relieved the tiny toddler tension we had going on right before. And, I mean, look at that smile.

Sometimes life just demands pancakes and princess costumes, you know?

Thanks for reading!
xo, Miss Betty Doll


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  1. Aww, total cuteness across the board here! You both look so darling and those pancakes have set my tummy a rumbling. What a clever, super easy Halloween breakfast (or dessert) idea. Thank you for sharing, honey.

    Oodles of hugs & festive All Hallows' Eve season wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


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