Monday, 10 October 2016

Comfortable Footwear for the Retro Girl

It's rare that you catch me in flats. It's even rarer to catch me in anything that can match the modern definition of "casual". Nevertheless, with two little ones to keep up with, I have to choose my outfits and footwear carefully. Even before having children, I have never been one to teeter around with aching feet, desperate enough for an extra inch of height that I would sacrifice my own comfort. With that in mind, here's my guide to comfortable footwear.

You'll notice the title of this is "footwear for the retro girl", not "retro footwear". This is because I am a fairly modern pinup lover, in that I choose footwear and accessories that may or may not be what would have been worn in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Let's start with flats. You'll see on my instagram feed that I wear them once or twice a week.

When I do wear flats, they are almost always something inexpensive from Kmart or Target. My feet don't require any extra support at the moment, and I find that I choose flats on the days I will be really running after Selene, like at a muddy park. Therefore I don't want to go ruining a nice pair of shoes, and cheap and nasty isn't so nasty to me!
 Ms Teese herself wears flats fairly often. 

If you are after higher quality flats, Unique Vintage and Pinup Girl Clothing both have a good, ever-changing selection.  

Jessica Simpson's ballet flats, as seen on Amanda and Katie of Junebugs and Georgia Peaches, are crazy high quality. They feel like walking on air and are one of the only pairs of flats I really invested a little money into. They are worth their price-tag, even if you aren't used to spending much on flats like I am. 

If I'm not wearing ballet flats on non-heel days, I will wear cute little Keds look-alikes, again from Kmart. These were $5 and I love them to bits.  The trick with shoes like this is to pair them with shorter hemlines to make the skirts less dressy - otherwise the look can appear a little disconnected.

And again, Dita can back me up here:

 (This is the second time I have referenced this photo in the blog. But, I mean, look at her!?!)

 Another popular option for flats is Bait Footwear. I don't personally own any, but I've heard nothing but positives out of this high quality, retro repro brand.Here are a few of my favourites:
Their classic oxfords are lovely, even if they aren't something I would wear myself. They are a very popular option with many pinup girls.

 They have a few more modern flats options like this shocking pink pair

and these gold lace ups

Outside the world of flats, one of my favourite kinds of shoe is the wedge. I found these simple ankle strap wedges from an Australian shoe store here, but it's impossible to walk past a women's shoe shop without finding a pair or two. They are almost always comfortable and I can walk around in these all day without discomfort.
Finally, the shoes I get asked about most often - TUK bow shoes! I have these in every color from navy to pink polka dots, and they are seriously comfortable and cute. They come under several different names on the TUK website, so I found the easiest way to find them all is to search for "bow" like I have done here and then sort through them.

So there you have it. My guide to staying comfortable.

Thank you so much to the lovely blog reader who suggested this topic. I love doing posts outside of the typical outfit review, and I appreciate your feedback!

xo Miss Betty Doll


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