Friday, 21 October 2016

Matching Mother Daughter Outfits: All Things Fairytale in Pigtails and Pirates

I seriously can't get enough of Pigtails and Pirates. As I've mentioned before, spending all the time I did when it was just Selene and me, meticulously going through websites to find matching outfits for us, is just not an option with two little ones. Unless, of course, I get them custom made. Pigtails and Pirates does just that for me and I love every piece from them to bits!

I've had my eye on this beautiful Cinderella Dress for ages, but just never took the plunge until recently. This is a very girly print - so much so, that even I thought I couldn't pull it off. I know, me. The one who wears princess costumes and dances to princess music with my toddlers. Ha!

But really, with the pretty little red bows, yellow stars and crescent moons, and varying shades of pink combined with princess silhouettes, the itty bitty dark side of me that listens to nightwish and fawns over gothic movies held me back for over a year. Until it hit me - get it as a skirt. Of course! Pigtails and Pirates do everything custom, from matching outfits with your littles to custom measurements. So when I wrote to them and asked if they could create a matching dress for Aurora for our family photos, I also asked for dresses for the girls and a skirt for me in this perfect, feminine, bubblegum pink piece of pretty. I found that having it in skirt form meant I could break up the pink with another colour and save a little too, which allowed me to get another couple of skirts for the girls in another print (which I will be sharing next month).

The few spots of red in the skirt mean you can easily pair it with red, which is something I will be doing in the near future. I love skirts that have several colours in them so I can mix and match the tops and accessories to create whole new outfits. 

Now that I've seen the fabric in person, I know I easily could have pulled off the dress too. Had I purchased the dress version, I could have paired it with red accessories for winter and little ballet flats for summer. Either version is perfection, as is everything from Pigtails and Pirates.

I also love seeing the girls in such a pretty shade - especially Aurora. There's something about the pure innocence of that first year of life that makes pink such a perfect colour on babies. Selene looks gorgeous in purples and blues now, but I remember as a baby I loved it best when she was in pink as well. 

I can't wait to wear these outfits again, especially if Melbourne is going to keep up this dark, grey spring weather. We may as well add our own sunshine instead!

xo Miss Betty Doll



  1. Such beautiful mother and daughters photos, I love all your matching sets from Pigtails and Pirates! I've actually put my first order for a dress from this amazing Australian brand! :)

  2. That last photo.. Magnificent! xx Melissa (Le Bomb Shop)


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