Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Super Last Minute Halloween Costumes From Your Pinup Wardrobe

Lots of girls in retro world put together some truly stunning ensambles for Halloween. It's a favourite holiday in the pinup community, probably because of the theatrices involved - I mean if we're willing to wear red lipstick every day, it means most of us have a flare for the dramatic.

But sometimes we get caught off guard. Last minute party invites and quick decisions to attend costumed events can leave you standing in Walmart on Halloween weekend with nothing left but some fake blood and a few capes. Not to mention the fact that Halloween costumes cost an arm and a leg for one night of wear (unless you're me, who wears costumes regularly. Ha) So, here are a few ideas you may be able to pull from your current wardrobe if you end up really stuck!

Candy Striper

I've always been a fan of this look. As with anything retro, it's so easy to turn something sweet like a volunteer hospital worker from the 50s and make it glam. For this look I used my Golightly Bow Swing Dress by Unique Vintage and paired it with the Estelle Blouse from Heart of Haute (with the bow tucked in) . I happened to have a sailor hat left over from a shoot I did a few years ago, but you could seriously make one of these little hats out of paper.

There are plenty of red and white striped dresses out there, such as this one by Le Bomb Shop:

I'm pointing this out as a possibility because it's so easy to put together last minute.

Any top with puff sleeves will do, and most of us pinup girls have at least one in our wardrobes. My personal favourite is the Powederpuff Top by Vixen

Castle Print Jenny Skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing

A quick trip to any fashion store will lead you to a black choker, as 90s jewelery is all the rage at the moment.  Add a big bun like my tutorial here and you're good to go.

Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn is massive right now. I get it, she's cute, sexy and demented. Everything you want in a woman... right? I guess? 
But really, she's nothing compared to Poison Ivy - an intellectual scientist who just wants to cover the world in flowers and look damn good doing it. Ok, she'll kill anyone in her path, but still, she's perfection. Her perfectly coifed hair and smoldering gaze are already Hollywood worthy, so making her into a pinup ain't no thing. Just use any green dress in your wardrobe and get some vines from your local hardware or homewares store. It doesn't even have to be ivy vines, as once you've added pops of green to your makeup and wrapped yourself in plants, it'll be pretty obvious who you are anyway.


The possibilities are endless, especially for girls with big wardrobes and a penchant for bright colors and variety of dress. So shop your wardrobe if need be and enjoy this Halloween!

Thanks for reading,

xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. Thanks for the shout out and CUTE idea!! I may borrow it!! xx Melissa (Le Bomb Shop)

    1. You're welcome gorgeous! I'm doing a bit of a wardrobe clear out to make way for some new things, so I'll be placing an order soon <3


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