Monday, 14 November 2016

Ains and Elke StyleHaus - Trixie Skirt and Matching Littles Skirts Review

I discovered Ains and Elke StyleHaus through Pinup Persuasion over a year ago now. Excited over their fabric choices and willingness to make a matching skirt for Selene (as she was then my only child), I placed an order within a week.

Alixis, the shop owner and maker of Ains and Elke StyleHaus items, was customer service perfection. She replied promptly, asked for thorough measurements and, as a mother of two, was quick to agree to make a matching skirt for Selene.

I went with the standard full skirt for myself, and agreed to have Selene's made with a simple elastic gathered waist. Unfortunately, Alixis (if my memory serves me right) went away shortly after I placed the order, and with her 3-4 week turnaround time combined with the delay of her being away, the skirts didn't arrive for two months. This wasn't a problem, of course, because Alixis is lovely and communicated the time frame before I even placed the order!

Herein lies a story: By the time the skirts arrived, I was pregnant with Aurora! I had actually been pregnant and not known it when I placed the order, so when the package arrived at my doorstep, I was already sporting a tiny little bump and couldn't even zip my skirt up. I'd also made a mistake with the length measurements I gave for Selene's skirt, and it turned out to be even longer than her little legs.This was my fault, of course, and I blame the pregnancy hormones.

The mistake with Selene's skirt length and timing turned out perfectly, however, as my mother in law ended up helping me trim the excess fabric from Selene's skirt to make a tiny skirt for baby Aurora. So, over a year after receiving them, here is my review of the Trixie skirt and matching custom toddler (and baby!) skirts.

 (some behind the scenes cheek for you!)

I ordered according to what my waist measurement was at the time -25". This was one of my first ever custom orders, and I've learned a lot about custom skirts since then. First of all, I can almost always order a standard size small from regular retailers and have it fit. The waist measurements for these are normally 25-26". This, however, is different than placing a custom order and simply going by your waist measurement that you probably took first thing in the morning when your waist is smaller. So whilst my waist may be 25" (it's actually more like 26" now, hehe), this measurement changes as the day wears on and meals are consumed, and also doesn't allow for how your waist changes when you sit and move. 

Alixis was nice and clear about how waist measurements work, and did say to me "so 25" exactly?". It was me and my vanity sizing that gave the go ahead when I should have asked for an inch or two of breathing room -which is what I do now.

In any case, I just had the buttons of my skirt moved over a tad and the skirt fits now regardless :)

 The skirt is of medium fullness and you can fit a medium sized petticoat underneath, which is what I did here. It's a gathered skirt, not a circle skirt, so it's nice and light and won't weigh you down with fabric as some circle skirts can do. The fabric (which I believe is sold out, but there are sooo many other cute prints available!) is lightweight and breezy. It also has pockets!

Packages from Ains and Elke StyleHaus come wrapped with care and are obviously made with love. Knowing that these were made by a mother who who would be balancing the needs of her children with the needs (yes, needs, people!) of our wardrobes makes these pretty skirts all the more precious.

Trixie skirts retail for $65 USD, and the custom skirt I ordered for Selene sells for $30.

Thanks for reading!
xo, Miss Betty Doll


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