Thursday, 17 November 2016

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Yes, of all the swimsuits I could have chosen from Red Dolly Swim, I chose the one that would allow me to use lyrics in the blog post title. Sue me!

I discovered Red Dolly Swimwear through an automated Instagram suggestion not long after I had Selene. Melbourne weather being as sporadic as it is, I didn't place an order until two years later as I already had a few swimsuits for Selene and I, and that's all we needed. Seriously, you never know how much sunshine you will get in Melbourne, even in summer.

Red Dolly Swimwear is owned and operated by fellow retro mama Heather, who has the cutest instagram feed and fantastic customer service skills. I have found her to be prompt with responses and quick with shipping and updates. 

I have been wearing one pieces since having Aurora, as a bikini, even high waisted, is daunting to me. Looking at the photos I feel mostly happy with my body since having two children, but body confidence has always, rather openly, been a struggle for me. Many women choose high waisted bikinis because it covers more, but I actually find it more nerve-wracking to wear than a standard, modern bikini. This is because the way a high waisted bikini sits can cause a bit of a pooch, as it takes any fluff you have around the middle and encases it rather than flattens it. This is true of every single high waisted bikini I have tried!

Even with this bit of self-consciousness, looking at these photos I love the bikini! It is actually quite flattering, and even though the photos here are semi-posed because I am obviously aware there is a camera on me, there are a few candid shots in which I am still happy with how my middle looks.

You won me over, Heather ;)

The quality of the swimsuit is good, with high quality print and support in both the top and bottom. I will say that if you are top heavy this may not work for you, the bikini top more comfortable than structured. I ordered a size small in both and found the fit to be perfect for me.

Selene and Aurora's bikinis are the cutest thing ever. I have actually been against baby bikinis in the past, but these changed my mind. I now recommend two pieces for young children - especially babies - as it's easier to get on and off for diaper changes and just easier to put on in general!

Selene is wearing a size 2 and Aurora is wearing a size 2-9 months. Both are a perfect fit, and I wish I had purchased the adorable matching headwraps to go with their swimsuits. It would have been adorable.

The adult yellow polka dot bikini (on sale!) is available here.  There is an option for adding padding to the bust like I did, which I recommend as the swimsuit material is on the thin side and, ya know, cold water, thin fabric... yeah. The baby bikini and toddler bikini are also on sale! There a ton of fabric options to suit your taste if yellow isn't your thing.

Most people aren't obsessed with matching outfits with their littles like I am, but I think anyone can see how cute it is to match swimsuits with the special tiny people in your life. I can't wait to go to the beach with the girls in these :)

Thanks so much for reading!
xo Miss Betty Doll

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