Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Norma Jean Dress Review by Retrospec'd

There is absolutely no reason to attempt outstanding photos of anything from Retrospec'd, as they have the gorgeous Brook Orchad Photography as their photographer. I mean, you can't beat it! But, I did snap some photos of the Norma Jean to review, just to give you an idea of how it sits from different angles :)

The Norma Jean design from Retrospec'd is seriously gorgeous. It's a completely classic 1950's design, with a gathered bust, flattering wide straps and tons of gorgeous patterns to choose from. My personal favourite is the Texas Rose, aside from the one I am wearing of course (which is now sold out!).

You can feel the quality when you hold it. It's heavy in a luxurious way, made from a high quality cotton sateen fabric. It really holds you in and accentuates your waist, and the gathered bust holds up the girls even without a bra. The skirt is nice and wide, and the gathers are placed in such a way that it won't add bulk to your sillouette.

My only hang up was the underarm area, which was a little too tight. It almost feels like the bust area comes too far up under the arms. It's a little irritating when stretching and lifting, but that's coming from a mother who does that all day long in big fluffy dresses. I've poured through several reviews and haven't found any similar complaints, so I'm going to chalk it up to my figure type and leave it at that. I am currently 36-26-36 (for those of you following me throughout my pregnancy and post partum journey, yes that means the weight is pretty much off and my clothing reviews should reflect those measurements moving forward).

I originally ordered a size 8 and couldn't even zip it up. This was a month or so after having Aurora, so a combination of shedding a few kilos and trading my size 8 for a size 10 made for a much better fit. Be sure to read the size charts, as they all vary according to the dress. For reference I am normally a size 8 AU, size 4 US in every brand, so I couldn't just go by my normal size here. Check those measurements!

With regards to breastfeeding - if you are wearing this without a cardigan, slipping down the shoulder strap is easy enough to gain access. If you are wearing this in chilly weather with a jacket, however, I wouldn't recommend it for breastfeeding as you need to slip the shoulder strap down in order to do it. 

I know most of my readers are American, so shipping rates would be important here. They offer decent flat rate shipping both in Australia and overseas, and delivery is generally within a week or two internationally! The Norma Jean retails at $190AU full price, but they often have sales. Plus, if you are buying with a US dollar, it would cost you more like $145USD currently.

In conclusion, Retrospec'd continues to delivery high quality dresses at matching prices, with good sales and great shipping rates. If you haven't snagged one yet: do it!

Thanks for reading!
xo, Miss Betty Doll

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  1. What a wonderful review and such gorgeous photos of you in that beautiful Retrospec'd dress!
    I love Retrospec'd, it's one of my favourite brands, I own quite a number of their dresses! :)


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