Thursday, 24 November 2016

Pinup Girl Clothing Eva Pants Review

I have a serious dislike for most kinds of pants. I love the look of them, but the comfort level is normally so low, I can't even bring myself to wear them. This is one of the reasons I laugh when friends ask me "But don't you ever feel like just being comfortable in jeans?". What? No!

Enter the Eva Pants by Pinup Girl Clothing, and their shorter Funny Face Pants. The company claims that they will replace your yoga pants, so extreme is their comfort factor.

They are definitely right.

It feels like slipping into pyjamas. When going to my parents-in-law's house and looking for something easy to wear, I have actually put on a comfortable pair of yoga pants and then changed out of them and into the Eva Pants.

First off, let's start with sizing - I am 37-27-37 and am wearing a size small. There is a zipper up the back but I never actually unzip it, because the pants have more than enough stretch in them to just pull up over my hips. So I would order your standard size, but if it's sold out feel free to size down.

Now, there are a couple of hang-ups I have with these pants. First of all, my yoga pants (and every other pair of pants I own) actually flatter my figure more than the Eva Pants. There isn't any elastic in the waistband, which is great for your comfort, but not so great for the appearance of your waistline. These pants actually add lumps and bumps to my figure that I don't have when I'm not wearing anything, which I found odd. I think this is because they are made of a decently thick and high quality fabric, but the huuuuge amount of stretch means that they add bulk without actually tucking you in anywhere! It's fortunate that I took these photos this morning when it was late afternoon and I hadn't actually managed to eat anything yet, because after even a small meal, these pants really don't show off my figure the way I'd like it to be shown!
Don't get my wrong, these pants are still fantastic and have their uses. If you want a pair of pants to throw on with a cute retro t-shirt, get these pants! The seam down the front of the leg adds a tailored look that you won't get with any other pair of relaxed pants.

Also, take it from someone who used to work long hours in the city with an hour long commute each way and hours spent sitting in a desk chair - normal pants can feel very annoying by the end of the day. I look forward to returning to the workforce and having these babies on my bum - I know I will feel comfortable by the end of the day. Which brings me to my next point - I would definitely wear these with peplum tops. Pinup Girl Clothing has several for sale at the moment, including the Essential Peplum Top and the Selina Top . Wearing the Eva Pants with Peplum Tops will help disguise the love handles and tummy that they can accentuate, while still keeping you comfortable in the office.

The third option is to wear them with sweaters that are worn over the pants rather than tucked in - again to hide the bits that pants may accentuate that you don't want attention drawn to.

Now I tend to wear shapewear half the time with pants, so one could say I am self-conscious about how I look in pants to begin with (and btw, the reason I don't recommend shapewear with these is because their sole purpose is to be comfy!). But I suppose it just comes down to what is important to you. To me, wearing things that flatter you is important and can help you to feel confident in your outfit. To others, maybe you feel like body-confidence should trump all, and who cares if these pants show off your love handles?! To me, either school of thought is valid and you should choose your clothing based on what is important to you as an individual.

So, the verdict - while these pants may be unflattering to some when worn with form fitting tops, they are fantastic with peplums, sweaters and t-shirts and are definitely, beyond a reasonable doubt, the comfiest pants you will ever own. So weather they work for you is entirely up to you, and in the mean time I'll be enjoying them for the fashionable, easy-to-wear piece that they are.


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