Monday, 5 December 2016

Affordable Seperates from Le Bomb Shop - Peasant Tops and Comic Skirts!

Affordable seperates in the retro community aren't always easy to come by. When you do find them, quality can be iffy and, if you are in Australia, paying for expensive shipping to test out those products isn't ideal. Luckily, I have a couple of seperates for you that are affordable, high quality, and feature affordable shipping!

First up is this Picture Perfect Peasant Top. These are available at several retro shops, but my go to site is Le Bomb Shop, so the link featured is from there!

These are a great alternative to similar sillouettes on the market. Those that find the Dolores Top from Collectif too tight in the bust, or experience zipper puckering in the Pinup Girl Clothing Peasant Tops will love this one. Both of those tops are fabulous by the way, they may just not work for hourglass shapes as well as these from Le Bomb Shop do!

First up is fit. I ordered a size small with my measurements of 36-26-36. There is shirring across the back that adds lots of stretch to the waist, so the fit is perfect. It is the tiniest bit tight in the arms, but I have experienced that with every top that has elastic in the arms. It isn't the least bit uncomfortable, I just notice a bit of a red line on my upper arms by the end of the day. It doens't bother me and I actually think these will still work for you if you struggle with tight arm holes. The elastic has a lot of stretch.  Getting this top on is easy and comfortable thanks to the stretch in the elastic of the neckline of the top, and the elastic in the back.

The length of the top surprised me, and it works better with regular cut shorts and pants or with high waisted skirts, as the length would cause it to untuck from most high waisted pants. Just bear that in mind if you are getting these specifically for that purpose.

The quality is seriously fantastic, and I will definitely be purchasing more of these. The material is thick enough to be sturdy without being too hot for summer wear, making it a great trans-seasonal piece. The hues are nice and bright, and the fit is well-constructed. It also now comes in a dress, which I will be adding to my wardrobe as soon as I can!

The second item up for review is the Pop Art Pinup Skirt in Comic Book Print.

This one seriously surprised me. I have quite a few inexpensive pinup skirts in my wardrobe, but none of them can compete with pricier skirts in terms of quality. That's totally ok with me, as you get what you pay for and I love the silhouette a lot of the cheaper skirts provide. However, this skirt is on par with the quality of more expensive brands and has the cutest silhouette ever.

It is made from a thicker sort of fabric that is what you would get if taffeta and canvas made a baby. It's a little hard to describe, but it's fantastic. It holds its shape so nicely that no petticoat is necessary, making this a great grab and go skirt.

The zipper in the back is thick and sturdy to match the material, and the size small that I ordered zipped up easily. I would follow the size chart with these.

Now, unfortunately these are only available in small, medium and large (small and medium are currently sold out) so it's a no go if you fall outside of these ranges. I am sorry about that as I prefer to review things that any size can fit into!

If you do fit into that sizing spectrum, however, there is also a Marilyn print and a Senorita print.

I apologize for the delay between blog posts by the way! I have been over-analyzing my first research report for University all week and it has left little room for anything else.

I've got a blog post on some cute christmas accessories coming up, so keep an eye out!

Thanks for reading!

xo, Miss Betty Doll


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  1. VERY fun photos, lady! I agree, Le Bomb Shop is one of the best in the market for cheaper retro pieces--especially separates! Thank goodness for them! Everything else seems SO expensive! XO


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