Saturday, 14 January 2017

Vixen Swing Dress by Vixen by Micheline Pitt

The Powderpuff Tops from Micheline Pitt's Vixen brand were my first loves from her line. The pretty puff sleeve's and princess vibes are basically everything a pinup would need in life. Or at least in her wardrobe. The Vixen Swing Dress is like a structured, dress version of the Powderpuff Tops. The bustline (save for the tie detail) sleeves and darting details are all the same, but are delivered in a super high quality, thick cotton sateen.

The bust detail is both demure and sexy. When you pop the dress on without the tie done, and then do the tie, you get insta-cleavage. I don't know about you, but insta-cleavage makes me happy. That alone should be enough to tempt you to get this dress. And fret not, bigger-busted ladies - just don't tie it as tightly if you don't want as much va-va-voom!

Now, the size chart states that the bust is 32-34 and waist is 24-25 on the size extra small. I would say they actually run bigger than that, because I am wearing a small here and I feel I could have actually fit into an extra small. Had I worn a belt, however, the waist would have been just fine. There is a facebook group caled The Vixen's Salon, and if you join it, the beautiful ladies there would be happy to help with sizing!

 The inside bust of the dress is satin lined. Micheline Pitt has always been amazing at quality control, and evidence of this is seen in all of her products. This dress will be in my wardrobe for years.. and years... and years. And I know that the quality will remain in tact.
I seriously did not understand the pocket obsession until I actually popped my phone in a dress pocket last week. It was so handy to have there that I started putting a card and lipstick in my pockets and found that, when going out without kids in tow, I can actually do without a purse. It's amazing. WHERE was my head at before with not appreciating the glory of the pocket? I now get sad when I can't find any in a dress.

Micheline has promised deep pockets in several instagram posts, and she delivers. Oh, does she deliver. LOOK at them. They are huge, and the thick nature of the dress fabric means that putting heavy objects in those big pockets does little to affect the silhouette. I have a compact and my large smartphone in the pockets.


(and for those who ask how I do blog photos - this is how. lol. With children in tow)

I will definitely be adding the leopard and makeup  print to my wardrobe soon. Micheline's customer service skills alone are enough to make me go back for more, but she backs it up with the most stunning pieces. She puts her heart and soul into her line and you can feel it in the details. I am actually returning to work next month, and can't wait to add some of Micheline's pencil skirts to my collection. I hear they are to die for.

Thanks for reading!
xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. Such a gorgeous dress on you! I recently received the makeup print dress in the post...looking forward to reviewing it on my blog in the near future! :)


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