Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Peasant Swing Dress / Kirstie Dress by Le Bomb Shop

Peasant tops are currently all the rage in the retro community, with this one providing a fantastic budget alternative to more expensive ones in the market.The Kirstie Dress is my favourite dress version of that top.   It's sister dress is the Picture Perfect Peasant Sun Dress, and between the two of them you can get a peasant dress in almost any colour and print imaginable.

The fit of the Kirstie Dress is universally flattering. with a smocked back to comfortably nip in the waist, and a free flow circle skirt. I purchased a size small, and it fit very well. The length is perfect for my average height of 5'6", falling just below the knee. The sleeves are tight enough to easily stay up or down without cutting into your arms. If you are between sizes, you should be able to size down comfortably.

The fabric is of a medium weight, and I would say this is a spring and summer dress. Having said that, we all know pinups like to stretch their wardrobe to all year round when possible, and layering this up for winter is definitely possible.

There is something about the cut of this dress that gives it the appearance of something more expensive than the mere $45.99 USD that it costs. The skirt is so full, and the smocking is so cleverly integrated that it fits and looks more like the more expensive retro brands out there.

 With having returned to work recently, I'll drop anything to play or cuddle my littles - even during a blog shoot.

Other prints of this dress are available from Unique Vintage, so be sure to keep an eye!

As for a personal update:
Many of you have asked me about my return to work. I am working for days per week, but 10:45am - 5:15pm in display homes. The hours are comfortable, and I am lucky enough to love the consultant I work with. We have a mutual respect and have been friends since the last job we worked at together.

I'm going to be very honest here, as I think this is something mothers are ashamed about feeling - I love going to work. Sometimes I count down the minutes to get there, like on the days when Aurora is mushing banana into the carpet and Selene has to use the toilet for the 10th time that morning. Work means I can finish my coffee before it gets cold, go to the restroom alone and have adult interaction. There is a part of me that feels guilty for feeling that way, but mostly I know that it's a feeling felt almost universally by many mothers. When I am with my princesses, I spend every second with them that I can. I smell their hair and kiss their cheeks and sing them lullabies, in between all of the beautiful and difficult moments that parenthood brings. Working makes me more thankful for the time that I do spend with my family, as I've had the drive to work and back to think and breath without anyone needing anything from me.

I suppose I say all of that to say this - if this resonates with you, good. Don't feel guilty, and know that you are still a wonderful mother. Motherhood when you have more than one child (and sometimes even with just one!) can be one giant fight or flight feeling all day long. If you aren't saving your child from leaping from dangerous heights, you are balancing between the urge to eat, use the restroom, and clean the millionth weird mess they have made that day. It's ok to want time to yourself, and you are not strange if being at work feels like a vacation. It just means that you are giving your all when you are with your children, and that makes you amazing, even when you don't feel like it.

It's also normal if going to work makes you feel awful and depressed. When it was just Selene and I, I would get sad every single day that I did go to work. I would spend the morning squeezing in time at the park, or cuddles on the sofa, just to be with her longer. Then I had my beautiful Aurora, and though they are both easy children, bouncing between the needs of two tiny humans is so much more work than it's possible to describe. The point is, I know what both feelings are like, and you are entitled to feel what you feel. Motherhood is a beautiful mess, and we are all just doing our best.

Thanks for reading!

xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. I absolutely love those dresses! They look like they'd flatter any figure. I'm still determined to get one of my own.

    As for motherhood, I'm happy to hear you are enjoying your job! I think it's important for moms to get away, whether that's a job or even just a day out. When we are refreshed and have time for ourselves it can make us better moms. I'm currently in that phase where my coffee is never drank warm. It seems I reheat it more than drink it. I love the idea of an outside job and look forward to that time when I'm ready to trust my youngest with others. Till then I'm just soaking up her little sweetness.


    1. And there is just so much sweetness to soak up! Your little doll is perfection, just like her beautiful older sisters. <3

      xo Miss Betty Doll

  2. I really admire your honesty in this post. I’m not a mom, but I’ve seen first-hand just how tough motherhood can be, and I’m always awed by the incredible women who manage to study, work and be a mom (which by itself is a 24/7 job!). They are to be admired and supported for all they do, not tutted at for suggesting they need a break, because needing a break does not make them any less wonderful or committed.

    It makes them human.

    Unfortunately, women are under so much pressure nowadays to be perfect at everything, that many are caving under the pressure of trying to hold it all together. It’s particularly hard for mom’s who are juggling more balls than is humanly possible, and who are expected to do it perfectly and with a smile. And because society views motherhood as a great gift (don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it is), women feel like they can’t admit when they’re feeling a little overwhelmed or need a break from their kids. So posts like yours are a wonderful way for overworked and utterly-deserving-of-a-break moms to relate and say “me too!” without feeling guilty.

    Stepping off my soapbox now!

    Oh, and that dress looks wonderful on you. I hugely admire how you juggle motherhood and being a fabulous pinup. :)

    1. Hi beautiful!

      That's so good to hear. I am often open and even emotional on social media, about topics that I feel passionate about, but I'm never quite sure if what I say is truly helpful. I am so glad that you understand where I am coming from :)

      I do agree about women juggling more than is humanly possible. There are definitely times when my husband speaks to me, and I literally cannot find the energy to reply. The more women talk about it, the easier it is for everyone to understand :)

      xo Miss Betty Doll

  3. While I was under 13, my single mother completed two university degrees and busted her arse climbing the ladder and providing for us. She didn’t do mothers group. She wasn’t there to pick us up from school or fix Nutella sandwiches, but the example she set for us was an invaluable lesson. Showing your kids the value of ambition, education, independence and honest hard work. That's true parenting right there. Your kids will never forget it.

    1. I agree! I think there are so many beautiful lessons mothers can pass down to their children - from the stay at home mothers who teach housekeeping, baking, and endless availability, to those hardworking single mamas who don't get to even catch their breath, but put blood, sweat and tears into providing for their children. It's amazing the examples mothers can set for their children, and your mother sounds like quite the woman! My respect for single mothers knows no bounds, because being mother, father, provider, housekeeper and every tiny thing in between is harder than those with partners can imagine.

      xo Miss Betty Doll


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