Monday, 27 February 2017

The Glamour Swimsuit Review - Post Baby and Beyond

 I went through a phase from the time Aurora was born, to the time when she turned 9 months old, where I HAD to have the perfect swimsuit. The reason was that, try as I might, I just couldn't get the baby weight off, and I was feeling rather body conscious. Bodies are beautiful at every single size, and mothers who just popped out tiny humans should, under no circumstances, feel like they need to just snap back into shape. Most of the time, the human body just doesn't work like that.

Nonetheless, I wanted to confidently go to the beach and have things tucked in and up where I wanted them to be. My per-requisites for the perfect, post-baby body swimsuit were:
  • Not too tight in the legs, so as to not create an awkward crease
  • Bust support
  • Tummy support
  • Skirted across the tummy so that, if the support was not enough, nothing showed that I didn't want to show
  • Padding in the bust
I searched high and low, but almost every swimsuit I found was clearly too tight in the legs, or didn't have any padding in the bust, or just didn't offer the tummy control I was after - until I found the Glamour Swimsuit. The Glamour Swimsuit is like wearing shapewear and a bra, all tucked away neatly into a pretty piece of swimwear. It supports you from every single angle, and makes you look like a bombshell while it does.

While I was still about 4 kilos heavier, this swimsuit completely did the trick. It hid all the little things I was feeling insecure about while making me feel oh-so-pretty in red. Now, whilst I don't need as much support since losing all the baby weight (although, for those who follow me on snapchat, you will have seen me lament on about my downing of an entire bag of chips prior to taking photos, so today it was needed!), it makes me feel glamorous and gives that total 50's vibe at the beach.I love all the support, as I have found that when swimming with kiddos, there is little time to readjust anything you are wearing. Nip slips and tummy rolls caused by awkwardly placed swimsuit bottoms are things you just come to accept when swimming with littles. Except in this swimsuit.

As far as sizing goes, I wore a size small both at 62 kilos and at my current 58. I have also worn it while breastfeeding 8+ times a day (read, big boobs) and now at just once at night (read, normal boobs). It fits very well at either weight, so the stretch in the mesh paneling and in the silky overlay allows it to accommodate a range of sizes. 

Getting into this suit is a little different! The mesh support starts around the bum, and then goes up to just below the bust. So, when you are putting it on, you have to reach your hands underneath the swimsuit and sort of pull the "underwear" portion of the mesh up in the back, and then shimmy into the rest of it. I have heard some ladies say that this shimmying process was vigorous and caused them to work up a sweat (which is totally understandable), but I found mine pretty quick and painless. It just takes some adjusting when you first put it on, and then nothing moves. Nothing.

Another plus for this swimsuit is that it looks like a top when worn with a skirt. Last time I went to the beach, I wore this with a pair of jean shorts and it looked like a complete outfit. There's no fussing about with putting a top on over your bikini and finding matching bottoms etc etc. You just pop on the swimsuit, find a pair of bottoms and go!

The Glamour Swimsuit comes in black, leopard print and a couple of other shades, and is definitely one to add to your swimsuit collection if you are after a touch of glamour.

By the way - there are so many littleblog projects that I am trying to catch up on, like my old Retro Workwear series, and getting back into Matching Mother Daughter outfit posts. I will get to those soon, I promise!

Thank you for reading!

xo, Miss Betty Doll


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