Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Violetsinmay Divine Wiggle Dress

I will start out by saying that I love the Divine Wiggle Dress by Violetsinmay, and I cannot wait to place another order with this lovely seller! I've heard nothing but rave reviews about Violetsinmay since they opened up shop in 2013, and I already know what I want to order next.

Having said that, in the spirit of honesty, I wasn't happy with this dress due to fit. And it's completely my fault. I have learned a lot about custom ordering since I first started placing them. Leaving detailed measurements is one of them. So how I overlooked the note on this listing advising to size down due to stretch AND to leave measurements if unsure, I will never know! It says this on many of the pieces available from Violetsinmay, so again, I blame myself. I actually ordered this for an intended holiday outfit, so I'll put it down to the mad rush of the holiday season. As you can see in the second photo, the dress hangs awkwardly off of my tummy and does nothing for my figure. I have seen it do amazing things for the figure of literally every other woman I have seen it on though, so I don't doubt this dress one bit. Just my ability to thoroughly read things.

For reference, I ordered a UK size 8, which is my usual size. I did lose 3 kilos from a stomach virus right before I wore the dress to review, but even then I know it would have been very loose on me. The bust and hips were fine, but the waist was several inches too big. Due to my waist to hip ratio, I will leave my measurements next time instead of ordering straight off of the size chart.

Even with the ill fit of the dress, it is seriously stunning worksmanship. One of my favourite details is the double support of the halter neck. The halterneck portion that you see is meant to drape delicately, so there is a cleverly designed supportive halterneck strap underneath it that actually helps to hold the dress up.

It is also fully lined, with very supportive seaming throughout the top of the dress and no bra needed. I feel that it is better to wear a bra if you are wanting some oomph in the cleavage department, but as far as support goes - the Divine Wiggle has you covered. That support structure also means that it stays up easily, with little adjusting to do once it's on.  It also happens to give you a little bit of a bullet bra feel. The sexy kind, not the stab-you-in-the-eyes kind.

The Lurex is also so pretty! Very comfortable on, and oh so sparkly. It comes in a variety of colours, from turquoise to gold. The red is actually my personal favourite, and if I didn't already have my Valentine's Day outfit sorted, I would have bought that one.

My next order will be for a few Lola Tops. I first saw them on Amanda of Junebugs and Georgia Peaches and fell in love. I thought it was a dress she was wearing and got jittery with excitement, only to learn it was a top and have my excitement double. Triple. (Fashion is my passion, what can I say?). The violet colour Lola is perfect for my outfit for Selene's upcoming mermaid birthday party, and if I had thought of it in time I would have grabbed it! No matter, it'll be mind soon enough :)

A very special thanks to Brett Ferguson Photography for snapping these for me. He is one of the most professional photographers I have worked with. After shooting a project he is working on, he put up with an exhausted, babbly me to get these photos (I was up very late studying the night before, nothing new haha). He has a professional studio out the back of his home, and does some incredible creative work. He has also won many, many awards, and has a wall full of beautiful photos of his children that is to die for. Perks of being a photographer!

So, in conclusion on the Divine Wiggle by Violetsinmay - order DOWN or provide thorough measurements if you want a proper fit. And prepare to be stunned by the quality.

Thanks for reading!

Miss Betty Doll

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