Friday, 31 March 2017

Matching Mother Daughter Outfits - Hearts and Found Mitzi Dress and Children's Skirts!

I'd been waiting for several months to place a Hearts and Found order before finally getting to order the Mitzi Dress earlier this year. After having ordered matching red gingham skirts from them last year, I had complete trust in the customer service and quality of what I was ordering. Of course, I wasn't disappointed.

The Mitzi Dress has the most charming, classic 50's sillouette, which is what drew me to it in the first place. The sweetheart neckline and pretty gathers at the bust grabbed my attention first, and then the smocking at the sides sealed the deal - I knew this meant the dress would be comfortable. I chose Forget Me Not fabric in pink. This is no longer available, but the blue version can be found here. The Mitzi Dress runs at just $88USD. That's insane, honestly! Even with the conversion rate to AUD, I would pay more for a dress by any Australian retailer, and that's without the custom fit and quality.

There is plastic boning in the bodice that helps it to stay up, and the nice, full cups at the bust give you enough coverage to know nothing will peak out (as can happen in strapless dresses, trust me!) Unfortunately, I lost a couple of kilos before the dress arrived, so it doesn't stay up quite as well as I had hoped. This is becoming a common trend with my recent orders, unfortunately. The last of my baby weight came off all at once earlier in the year, and a few more kilos have come off on top of that. I don't really mind either way, but it makes it difficult to gauge what will fit when it arrives! To remedy this, I plan to add straps soon. I know it would have fit well and stayed up properly without the weight loss, so my love of the Mitzi Dress is still strong. I would suggest giving your measurements to Hearts and Found when ordering, and even asking them to make it a little tighter than usual just to be safe! The smocking will ensure that it doesn't feel too tight.

The skirt is nice and full and lined, and there are pockets! I know because I found $20 in them from the last time I wore this dress, and who doesn't love pockets and hidden money.

 (Those who follow me on Snapchat will have seen me talking about getting these photos. Poor Selene, who normally loves doing them, just wasn't having it that day. I bribed her with everything from playtime at the park to marshmallows. She gave in, in the end - and happily so, apparently, for all the kisses she showered me with. Toddlers.)

As with the gingham skirts I ordered last time, the girls matching skirts are of the utmost quality. They only charge $25 each for the girl's skirts. Given the quality and custom nature of them, I wouldn't be surprised if Hearts and Found end up charging more for them if ever they decide to do a children's line - it would be well within their right! Either way, low price or not, these skirts are just beautiful.

So, if you want a custom, well-designed dress for yourself, you know where to go! And if you want matching skirts for the littles in your life, you doubly know where to go. Happy shopping!

Thanks for reading!
xo Miss Betty Doll


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