Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Matching Mother Daughter Outfits - Gingham and Plaid

I promised another mother-daughter post soon, and here it is!

Today I wanted to showcase one of my favourite ways to match the girls when I haven't custom-ordered something for us - pattern matching. Finding similar patterns and colours is a great way to give a nod towards matching outfits, without being too upfront about it.

For these outfits, I chose matching dresses for the girls from Ollie's Place, an Australian retailer. It is actually much harder to find certain prints in Australia than it is in the US where the bulk of my readers are from - so fear not my Americans! Kohls or any other department store should have plaid dresses.

For myself, I chose the Trashy Diva Honey Sun Dress in Gingham. The Honey Sun Dress is the sister dress to the Honey Dress from Trashy Diva. It is different in that it has elastic in the waist to allow for stretch, and that the collar continues along the back into collared straps, instead of a full back like the Honey Dress has. The fit of both is similar. I find both of them a little too busty for me (I know! Shocker!) and I sewed a tiny stitch in the middle of the bust of my dress for that reason. Other than that, the dress is perfect. If you are curious, I wear a size small/8 in both the Honey Sun Dress and the Honey Dress. A full review of the Honey Dress can be found here.

Gingham and plaid are similar patterns, with gingham having smaller squares and one colour, and plaid often sporting an accent colour throughout. As my gingham was all black and white, and the girl's had some pink in their dresses, I paired my dress with pink accessories. The result was outfits that match in a subtle way, and a very happy Selene, who is now obsessed with matching.

I often get asked the question "How do you choose matching outfits?". Basically, I generally find a dress from a retro reproduction company that I just have to get, and eventually, if I love that dress, I find a dress for the girls to match it. Sometimes it's before the dress even arrives, other times I just wear that dress without matching them unless I find something for them that suits it. In this case, I've had and worn this dress for months and found these outfits for the girls a couple of weeks ago. They were on sale, their sizes were in stock and I loved them, so I got them!

We only match once a week or so now. I so enjoyed matching with my girls nearly every day. It was a beautiful period in our lives, and matching helps me feel connected to them, to women of the past who used to do the same, and to their future, in a funny way. There is only so long they will enjoy matching with me, so doing so now reminds me of how precious and fleeting time is.

Thank you for reading!

xo, Miss Betty Doll

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  1. That last picture of both girls reading books side by side just made me melt. How adorable. And I love the way you've matched all three of you - it's just so cute.


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