Friday, 28 April 2017

Jade You Look - Collectif Jade Dress and Accessories

The beautiful Miss Amy May was the first one I saw the Jade Dress by Collectif on, and she styled it so adorably that I knew I needed one in my life. Having already planned to order their Agnes Suit Jacket to add to my retro workwear collection, I added the Jade Dress to my shopping cart and patiently waited.

I have several blue dresses and skirts in my wardrobe, but this shade of sky blue is definitely a stand out compared to some of the other items in my closet. The tiny bows on the thin, double shoulder straps are a unique addition to an otherwise classic staple dress. The pockets are to die for, with any amount of items able to fit inside securely.

The fabric is weighty and sturdy, and something I honestly feel I can wear comfortably in summer or layer up for winter. The belt is thicker than those that I would normally wear, but the solid colour of the dress and the subtle details mean that the belt makes a bolder impact than a thinner belt would. It also works particularly well for me to suck everything in, as the size I ordered is too big.

Which brings me to sizing! I ordered a size 8, but feel I definitely should have done a size 6. My sizing advice can be a little confusing at the moment, as I only lost weight over the last few blog posts. I try to keep it as consistent as possible, and provide updated measurements and weight advice. So, currently I am 53 kgs (116 pounds) at 5'6" tall. My measurements are: bust 34.5, waist 23.5, hips 34.5. It makes sense that the size 8 is too big on me, as the size chart advises it is best suited to bust 34-35, waist 26, hips 34-36. I would therefore say that the sizing of the Jade Dress is true to size, and I just ordered too big!

I promised I would start accessorizing better this year, and the addition of several of these beaded necklaces from Collectif is helping me do just that! They are nice and weighty while still sitting comfortably around the neck, and are big enough to be considered statement jewelry while still being office appropriate.They come in several colours, and I wear the black one often to work!

The Jade Dress comes in blue, seashell, seashell border, watermelon, and black, and is available at £70.50. One of my favourite things about Collectif at the moment is their wide variety of styles (from officewear to 60's coats), so I am confident there is enough on the site to make shipping worthwhile!

On a personal note, I wanted to speak a little more about weight. I have been fortunate enough to gather nearly 10k of followers on instagram, and many of them are new mothers with new bodies to adjust to, or young women. I have been receiving a lot of messages and a few comments about my current weight, how I stay slim etc, so I wanted to touch on that a bit.

After I had Aurora, I weighed much more than I do now for almost a year. I couldn't get the weight to come off, no matter what I did. Then, I caught gastro not once, but twice! I have also completed some very difficult units at University, started working again and lost my Aunt and her three children in a housefire. The combination of all of these things has led to some weight loss. I do exercise and eat my fruits and veggies, but I don't want any young women thinking that my weight is something to strive towards! I am actually working to gain some of it back, in a healthy way.

Every single body is beautiful. I had a bigger bum before and I loved it. Now, I have slim legs and I like the way those look, too. I have been several weights over the past three years because I have birthed two human beings, and I know that this is not the weight I will be forever. So, please, always message me for advice and know that I LOVE giving it, but never, ever try to lose weight just because you see someone else at a slimmer weight. Get healthy. Go for a run. Eat your carrots. But don't spend a single second thinking your body isn't good enough. There were a million eggs in your mother's womb, and YOU were the one to come into existence out of all of them! This means that you are important, and you are perfect just as you are, at whatever weight you are. <3

Thanks for reading!

xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. I ordered one last week because I love how you styled it! I can't wait for it!

    1. Oh, how lovely! I always style things simply, so I'm glad it worked for you!! Let me know what you think when it arrives <3


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