Thursday, 11 May 2017

Pirates and Pigtails - Customisation in Peonies in Purple

I've been buying the classic "sweetheart style" dress from Pigtails and Pirates for years. However, I needed something a little different this time around. I've been a breastfeeding mama through most of the times I've worn their sweetheart dresses, so the depth of the bustline was perfect for me. Now, being a cup size smaller than before, I needed something a little lower in the neckline.

I wrote to them and asked if it would be possible to lower the bust by a couple of inches, and of course the answer was yes. I've found that this small variation is more comfortable for me, and works better for me all the way around. I have very little cleavage to show lately, but having the dress that little bit lower means I can still achieve what I want with it!

I ordered the Peonies in Purple fabric, and am in love with it. It was ordered for Easter, and I'm a little sad we won't get to wear it until spring comes around now! Being in the middle of autumn/winter weather means it's not really seasonally appropriate at the moment, but I can't wait until it is again.

As usual, I requested little skirts for my girls, and Pigtails and Pirates was happy to oblige.  In order to get your own custom-sized skirts from Pigtails and Pirates, simply send the waist and length measurements through in your preferred fabric.

Besides allowing changes to their designs, Pigtails and Pirates has also recently released all new dress designs, such as this pleated bust dress. Being made to order, you can generally have any dress type made in any of the fabrics seen on their website, unless otherwise stated.Most of their dresses run from $199.99 - $259.99 AUD, with the rarity of the fabrics used sometimes affecting prices. The customer service is always warm and prompt, and every dress is made with tons of love.

 On a personal note, Uni is flying by this term. I'm more grateful than ever that I am completing my degree completely online. Those that follow me on Snapchat know that study is almost a daily habit, and that this term has thrown a lot of curveballs my way. Either way, it's something that I enjoy immensely, and I can't think of anything else I would rather be studying.

Aurora now runs, rather than walks, and is exactly as cheeky as many of my family members predicted she would be. Selene is also rather cheeky lately, though whether it's due to her age or a protest to how busy I've been, I'm not sure!

I've got a personal project I've been working on too, and it's like a job in and of itself. Once that's completed, I am hoping life will return to some sense of normalcy since my overseas trip last month (something I briefly mentioned on instagram)!

Last, but definitely not least, I wanted to speak a little bit about something that's often difficult to talk about - mourning. Some know and some don't, but the reason for my family emergency trip last month was that my Aunt and her three beautiful children perished in a house fire. I've been splitting my time between checking on the family members most affected by the loss, and doing some mourning myself. My grandmother died several years ago, so all the feelings of mourning on my own, in a separate country, are all too familiar.

When you lose someone you love, but you don't live in the same country (or state), the mourning process is vastly different. It can be very lonely. There aren't any catch ups with family members so you can exchange stories and cry together. And, often times, it's difficult for those around you to remember to ask how you are, because no one around you knew who you lost. Personally, I've spent a lot of time reflecting when I'm alone in the car, and crying in little spurts that way.

Even without the element of being far away from loved ones when tragedies strike, mourning in and of itself is awful. You aren't yourself - how can you be? It can make you feel like a child. Or angry. Or frightened. Or too exchausted to move. The memories of those you lost can come on suddenly, triggered by anything, and suck the breath from your lungs. (For me, that trigger is this very post, as purple was the colour so strongly associated with my Aunt during the memorial for her and her children).

One thing I keep discussing with family members, and friends who have been through loss, is how very personal that journey is. No one else will hold all the same memories you are clinging to. No one else will have the same relationship with that person as you did. No one else will feel the same things at the same time. That's all ok. It's ok to take longer than others to process things. It's ok to be too busy to think about how much you're hurting until months later. It's ok to cry more than you see other people crying over that person - or less. Personally, I find crying exhausting, and do it as little as humanly possible for that reason. And that's fine!

With Mother's Day coming up quickly, I am reminded of how many will be mourning the loss of mothers, or other women in their lives (or the loss of anyone, ever!). So, if that's you, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry it will hurt, and I'm sorry this holiday may bring you any level of pain. But, please, remember that mourning is yours - your own personal journey, and that every single emotion that you feel is what makes you so beautifully human!

Thanks for reading.

xo, Miss Betty Doll


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