Monday, 22 May 2017

Trumpet Dress by Top Vintage Review!

When the lovely Charlotte of Top Vintage reached out to me and asked if I would like to do a review of the Trumpet Dress in red, I gave her a very happy "yes!".

This dress screams day-to-night for me, and for that reason I wanted to include it as part of my Retro Workwear series. The high neckline and thicker fabric make it workwear appropriate, while the feminine shape and flirty hem make it perfect for a date night.

I am always honest in my reviews, so I will be honest here too - this dress is definitely a little too big on me. The website states that for an extra small, the bust would fit anywhere from 34-37 inches, the waist 27-29 inches and the hips 38-40 inches. For an extra small, those measurements are really very generous. I would say the bust and waist measurements are accurate, and the hips actually run small as - at 35 inches - the dress fit my hips just fine. Never mind if you have a booty, though! The fabric is beautifully stretchy and accommodating, and can fit well into the 40 inches listed in the size chart for the dress. With the bust and waist running big, I would suggest sizing down. I would probably need an XXS for this to fit me properly, which is not actually a size this dress comes in!

What I love about the dress is the mermaid skirt. The way the skirt flares out at the knees is ultra-feminine and very flattering. The high neck and matching belt also help to give the dress a timeless, classy silhouette.

There is a pearl button closure at the neck, and a side zipper that only adds to the ease of wear due to the stretch of the fabric. The panels help to tuck you in nicely, and the fabric really is flattering.

I'm very honoured to have been chosen to review this dress so that I can show how it fits on a smaller frame. The model on the website is lusciously curvy, so the fit on anyone with a smaller frame will be more similar to me - a little drapier. Either way, I think the dress is beautiful. It retails for € 149.95and is a Top Vintage exclusive!

Speaking of workwear - I recently announced on instagram that I have secured a full time position as a recruiter! When I returned from the US last month, my husband and I sat down and had a chat about whether now was the time for me to look for a full time role. I put my career on hold, for the most part, so that I could be with the girls as much as possible. Aurora is very independant and happy with my in-laws (who she mostly stays with while I work), and Selene is 3 now and very much fine without me for most of the day. With almost a year of my psychology degree under my belt, I decided to put that knowledge to use in the recruitment industry.

For those that have asked - yes, I am still studying and will definitely continue to do so! I find my major absolutely fascinating, and actually enjoy sitting down at night to learn more about it.

I am actually very excited, even though I will be sad to have less time with my angels. Giving myself "me" time is not something I am very good at, nor is acknowledging my own accomplishments a strong suit of mine. I feel that having hour long lunch breaks to myself, in which I can get a quick massage or, you know, eat food before it goes cold, will actually be good for me. I am also very driven and like to stay busy, so being in a role where those things are rewarded will be wonderful!

I am planning on doing a few posts on self-care. I have experienced burn out more than once this year, and counteracting my busy lifestyle with time for myself is really important. I would love to share ideas on how to do this with my little following :)

Thanks for reading!

xo, Miss Betty Doll


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