Thursday, 8 June 2017

Retro Workwear:Stop Staring Hermosa Dress Review

As I complete my first week back at work full time (in a different field!), it seems only appropriate that this week's post focus on my next Retro Workwear installment!

Stop Staring definitely has some beautiful "casual" dresses on offer (I'm talking pinup casual, people, which is really not casual at all), but my favourite pieces are their gorgeous wiggle dresses. Stop Staring specialises in a millennium stretch fabric that forms to every curve. They often incorporate cleverly placed ruching and gathers, so that even their clingiest dresses flatter every body type.

The Hermosa Dress is a shining example of this beautiful fabric and clever design. The flat panel at the front of the dress, encased on either side by curved gathers, creates the illusion of a smaller waist.

My personal favourite part of the dress is the bust. As many of you know, I have lost about 7 kilos in total since the beginning of the year. This has resulted in a definite reduction in my bust size! Cleavage has always been something that has personally made me feel feminine and sexy (this varies greatly from woman to woman, and that is not to say that smaller breasts are not sexy - because they are). Losing much of that cleavage has been hard, and most of my clothing fits very differently than it did before. What I love about this dress is the way the gathers stretch over the bust and how deeply curved the sweetheart neckline is. It gives the illusion of a much bigger bust for smaller ladies, and it stretches very well for those with, well, lots of boob.

My one complaint about this dress is something I often come across - I feel that the zipper is a little too long. My waist to hip ratio is pretty extreme, with my waist coming in at 24 inches and my bust and hips sitting at 35 inches. This often results in a bit of bunching in the back at the smallest part of my waist, but I feel that if this zipper was just a tad shorter, it would alleviate the issue.

I would suggest ordering your standard size, as the stretch in the dress means it will accommodate your currently size. You could size down in an absolute pinch, but if you can find your size, I don't know why you would!

This dress is honestly a dream. It's one that I wore to several interviews before I landed my current role. It can look very modern with the addition of a standard black blazer, but can also be dressed up for nights out. It also comes in black, making it the ultimate little black dress.

For those of you who love Stop Staring, they regularly hold 15-20% off sales, so it is definitely worth signing up for their newsletter. That's how I got this dress a couple of months ago!

 On a separate note - for those of you who do not know, I am quite active on Snapchat and post regularly about everything from the girls to work happenings (and yes, I post a lot of purchases. What can I say, I like to buy all the pretty things). So, if you are a fellow Snapchatter, feel free to add me under username: missbettydoll.

Thanks for reading!

xo, Miss Betty Doll

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