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Glamorous Loungewear by Jools Couture

I first came across Jools Couture a year or  so ago, but somehow the brand fell off of my radar before I could place an order. It is such a shame, as had I placed an order then and there, I would have had so many more pieces by now! From everyday retro clothing to glamorous, fur lined suits, Jools Couture has a little bit of everything - and what they have is done well. Not only that, but they are made right here in Australia!

I'll start with customer service. The team at Jools Couture are incredibly professional and very sweet, excelling at everything from branding to communication. They asked every form of measurement imaginable. because as a third generation corsetière, Jools has based her line upon high quality and the perfect fit. I was sent several items in line with my preferences. and was updated on my order status by the lovely team that heads up the social media.

I can remember searching far and wide for lounge wear that was both practical and pretty several months ago. I wanted something soft to the touch, comfortable, pretty enough to greet the mailman in and glamorous enough to align with my retro style. These pieces tick every one of those boxes. The attention to detail in something as private as sleep and lounge wear is second to none in comparison with other lounge wear brands I have tried.

I believe that, if glamour is important to you, you should include it in every aspect of your life. Much like a pretty matching lingerie set, having pretty sleep and lounge wear puts a little extra sparkle into your day. It sounds pretentious, I know - but I've had everything from ill-fitting sweatpants to beautiful lounge wear sets, and I can tell you that it makes a difference in your confidence levels.

Jools Couture has several original prints, two of which I was able to showcase in this post. The Sweethearts Bow Print is available across several pieces of daywear from the line, but here I am wearing it in the form of a soft knit PJ top. There are so many aspects to love here, from the thick black collar to the dainty velvet bow. I've worn this top so many times in the few weeks that I've had it, and I hope it comes out in more prints! My favourite element has to be the pretty tie in the back, which creates a peplum-esque shape and makes the top ultra flattering.

The top came with the Bardot Sleep Pant. I think we can all say we own black leggings or lounge pants in one form or another, but this piece is unlike anything else I own. It is so silky to the touch, and so incredibly comfortable. Jools has very sensitive skin - as do I. This means her pieces are all made with this in mind, and you won't find anything that isn't divine to touch in her line.

I am wearing a size medium in both the top and pants for this one. As with anything stretchy, I could have gone smaller, but I like how the medium feels. The ties on the top mean I can adjust the fit myself, and having a looser fit means it truly feels like comfortable PJs.


 Next up we have the JOOLS Signature Tearose Slip Dress. This one has been my daughter Aurora's favourite, and she's been playing with the pretty shoulder embellishments as she falls asleep. Who can blame her!

The dress itself, while loungewear, is of a higher quality than you will find in any modern clothing store today. The fabric is thick and stretchy, but feels silky to the touch. It is of a different make than the above outfit. and glides over the skin differently. 

The pleated details of the skirt are my favourite. They are very flirty and very demure. Like the Sweethearts Bow PJ Top, the Tearose Slip Dress ties in the back for a well-fitted sillouette. I am wearing a size Au 8 or a size small in this one, and it fits perfectly.Whilst this piece is custom made, there are many other items on the site in this beautiful print. 

 Lastly, I have the Harlow Slip in Silver Mist. The same fit can be found here, with a pink colour and different brooch!

This one is, hands down, my favourite. It reminds me of something like a silver version of Belle's dress from Beauty and the Beast. The ruching in the bust, the beautiful jewel at the center, the careful curve at the bottom of the waist...

This is made of the same fabric as the PJ set above, and everything about it is soft and comfortable. I can't wait for summer, when I can wear this more freely. There is something about a dash of unecessary glamour that suddenly feel so necessary. I don't feel like I need beautiful pajamas.. until I slip into one and feel like a princess. This is one of those pieces that you won't want to take off.


Besides their gorgeous pajamas, one of my favourite sets from the brand has to be the Screen Siren velvet, fur-lined bolero and skirt set. It reminds me of one of the outfits I used to dress my Barbies in as a little girl. There is something about retro style that encapsulates many of the fashion ideals some of us strived towards as children, and it is these unique pieces that encompass that ideal.

Finally, I'd like to share a video of these pieces! I've had several requests to do videos over the years, so I thought now would be perfect timing to give it a try.

I'd like to thank the team a Jools Couture for these beautiful pieces, and my readers for (well..) reading! For a short time, the team were kind enough to offer my followers a discount on any full priced items on the Jools site! Just use BETTYDOLL30 to receive 30% off your order. Discounts like these are especially exciting with higher end brands like this, because it means you can grab an item or two and make extra sure you love it before fully investing into a pricier brand - but trust me, you'll want more. I know I do.

xo Miss Betty Doll


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