Sunday, 16 July 2017

Troublemaker Swing Dress - Vixen by Micheline Pitt

You have no idea how long I wanted the Troublemaker Swing Dress by Vixen.

 First, there's the stunning leopard print fabric. It's not easy to find a well done leopard print. They can range from cartoony to awkwardly shaded, so finding a retro dress in the right kind of leopard print is like a jewel mine.

Second, there's the sleeves! Living in Melbourne, Australia means chilly winters and unpredictable weather year round. I've said it before and I'll say it again: retro inspired dresses with comfortable long sleeves are few and far between. Unique Vintage is host to several such dresses, and then of course there's this particular dress.

One of my favourite things about Micheline Pitt's Vixen line is the quality. Now, I know I tend to only review clothing that is of high quality (besides some of my beloved inexpensive alternatives that I just can't resist!), but Micheline is the goddess of quality. If you are part of the Vixen's Salon on facebook, you can see how she regularly posts about quality control. She does little things like have her prints pinned and then perfectly aligning them together so that they are seamless when worn, and takes feedback from her customers and then makes actual adjustments in the next batch. She is also thorough about giving sizing advice and posts videos of herself wearing the clothing, testing the stretch/lack thereof, etc.

Now then, onto sizing.

I ordered a size extra small, as I have ordered a small in my past few items and found them too big on me. This one, however, I could have actually done a small in. It is made of a stretch crepe material, so though it's very stretchy, it's also quite firm. I have a size C bust, and being fairly petite at the moment means it's a smaller C. So, I'd almost identify as small chested at the moment. Were I any fuller in the bust, this dress may be uncomfortable.My measurements are 35", 24", 35". The arms and waist are perfectly comfortable.

I am an extra small in some clothing lines, and a small in others at the moment. I'd probably identify closest with a small, and therefore recommend ordering true to size. Also, note that the belt is very true to size!

The dress happens to match quite well with these Rock Your Baby pieces (now sold out), so we wore them on our weekly grocery shopping trip.

Tiny personal update!

I've been at my new job for a month now, and feel settled in. I've passed the worst of the learning curve that accompanies any new job, and no longer feel exhausted to the bones. That's fortunate, since University has started a new term.

I am taking Research Methods (Psychology) and Statistics II this term, so it should be information heavy. I'm getting my tablet repaired (Selene stepped on it ages ago) so that I can start studying on my lunch breaks. I am feeling torn in all directions at night, between preparing dinner, spending time with my girlies and catching up with my husband, and then sitting down to study. I feel that if I can get some of my reading done during the day (psychology courses are very book heavy), then that will help me balance better at home.

I've also started trying to eat better. Keyword is trying, as we seem to keep ending up at San Churro on the weekends. I know that my lacking energy levels has been due to my poor diet lately (not enough calories, too much diet soda, lots of veggies but hardly any fruit). I've been reading Dita Von Teese's "Beauty Mark", and though I am not one to follow celebrity diets, I love a few of her tips. She uses things like exotic mustards on chicken breasts instead of creamy sauces, and hot water with lemon and ginger in the mornings. She also eats mostly vegan throughout the day, and because I am a vegetarian, it's an ideal guide for me. I don't believe in following other people's diets obsessively, but I do see the good in gathering inspiration from like-minded individuals. So, hopefully I can eat a little healthier over the coming weeks and see my energy levels improve.

And lastly, I find myself falling in love with my girls so much more lately. Aurora's personality is really shining through of late. She is so sweet and gives the longest cuddles, and moments later can be found stomping her foot to get her way. She is extremely inquisitive and really studies people. Selene has been accepted to our chosen four-year-old kindergarten for next year, and blossoms by the day. Both of my little ones seem to be old souls (or so I've been told). I'm proud to call them mine...even when they make me want to pull my hair out, as they are so apt at doing.

Thanks for reading!

xo, Miss Betty Doll

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