Sunday, 30 July 2017

Swinging It - Unique Vintage Diana Swing Dress Review

I haven't had a go-to polka dot dress for ages. I'm not even sure what happened to all of my polka dot dresses! I'm sure they are tucked into the back of my closet somewhere... but, I've digressed, because this dress is my favourite polka dot number to date.

I actually reviewed the Diana Swing Dress by Unique Vintage two years ago, and took photos in the same location: Werribee Mansion. I knew it was worth another review though, because this one is made from a different fabric and gives off a very different vibe from my last post on this style.

My favourite thing about this style is the built-in petticoat. There's a slip and a fluffy underskirt all hidden beneath the gorgeous dress, and makes getting ready that much easier. You can feel the weight of it when you slip it on and off. The top is nice and light, but there are definite layers in the skirt of the dress. The fabric is stretchy enough that it holds in place without weighing you down, however.

A close second to my top favourite thing about this style has to be the pockets. I'm getting more and more addicted to them, especially as my little ones grow older and need less stuff when we leave the house.

Fit-wise, true to size works just fine. I seem to be an XS in most brands at the moment, and a S in others. This one is a size S, but I could easily have done the XS and probably would have had a better fit! The fabric is like a lightweight bengaline, so it'll form to your curves just fine! Current measurements are 35-24-35.

The tiny bows at the elbows of the sleeves complete the dress, in my opinion. And speaking of sleeves, the stretchy fabric means they are comfortable. I used to mention often how hard it was to find comfortable sleeved dresses in pinup world. I think that's becoming less and less the case, but it's still always keeping an eye out for. There's nothing like trying to bend your arms at the elbows and being restricted by your outfit choice.

This was the first dress I wore into work on a properly Casual Friday. Up until a few weeks ago, I had been in my usual business attire due to meetings etc. This was therefore the first dress I wore to work in my normal retro style. I found that, while clearly not the sleek, black norm of Melbourne style, it's not outlandish enough to be out of place in an office. Not that I mind outlandish (see my latest rainbow outfit post on instagram, and you'll know what I mean!).


Thank you to my husband, who took these photos for me! I've mentioned before that one of the pre-requisites of going back to work full time, was that he would help me get my blog photos done. We took the girls out to Werribee Mansion today, and spent 5 minutes snapping these on the grounds before frolicking about, going on the Little Red Train ride and other silliness.

It's days like these that make me really take a step back and be thankful. Often times, the older we get, the more we discover how cruel life can be... I know that is true for me, especially this year. But, feeling the sunshine, gaining knowledge about the world, loving those around you... I know it sounds cheesy, but simply being alive is such a beautiful state of being.

We throw the words "blessed" and "thankful" around a lot in this generation. "Blessed" with my Starbucks coffee and "thankful" for things on social media that we are really just humble bragging about... these are just words.The real blessing, I think, is just being alive and loving, no?

Thanks for reading!

xo, Miss Betty Doll


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