Sunday, 27 August 2017

Why Mellow Beats Mac - Mellow Cosmetics: Creamy Matte Lipsticks

I first ran across Mellow Cosmetics in February this year, when Miss Charlotte Cake ran a contest for two shades: Danger Zone and Candy Floss.

I fell instantly in love with Danger Zone. I tend to fill in my lips with my lip liner before applying my lipstick, so it took me a few days before I realised it isn't a pure red, but rather a red/hot pink mix.This is a shade I have been mixing on my own for ages. I remember Dita von Teese once mentioning that she prefers to use a red lip liner beneath hot pink lipstick shades, so that the result is a mix of the two. I've always agreed, which makes this shade my favourite from Mellow.

As you can see from the above product shot, this baby has been used at least twice a week since February, and has made a home in my cosmetics bag.

For the most part, I only review things I really love on this blog. So, believe me when I say: I love this brand more than Mac. I have been an avid Mac Russian Red fan for years. Nothing gave me better longevity or was kinder to my lips - until I found Mellow. Not only is Mellow less expensive than Mac, but they are Cruelty Free, Vegan and Paraben Free. As a vegetarian and animal lover, this brand ticks all the boxes for me.

There is free shipping on US orders over $40, which is fairly stock standard for many cosmetics companies... however, they also offer free shipping over $40 for Australia and New Zealand! I remember feeling depressed (yes... depressed) over the shipping rates in Australia when I first moved here years ago. Coming from the US, land of Amazon next day shipping and 24 hour stores, it was hard to accept that some things simply wouldn't be affordable due to outrageous shipping costs. To see the same shipping offer for Aussies as our US counterparts is very exciting.

The creamy come in many shades, including a chocolate (Chocolate) a pure red (Madness) and a nude shade (Nude) that beats all other nude shades I've tried out of the park. There is also Liquid Lip Paint, which I have yet to try but looks divine, as well as face and eye products. If you are currently on the lookout for the perfect lipstick, I would recommend you give Mellow a try.

Thanks for reading!

xo Miss Betty Doll



  1. Love this Post I am trying out the shade Candy Floss when it comes in my Ipsy bag this month!

  2. Ps. Delete this comment! Check your formatting luv, your paragraph is all messed up alongside your first photo. XOXO


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