Sunday, 3 September 2017

The Handbag Every Pinup Needs - Signature Handbag by Jools Couture (and a Gorgeous Top to Match!)

I just so happened to be on the hunt for the perfect black handbag when Jools Couture contacted me about their beautiful signature handbag. It's everything I've ever wanted in a handbag, and couldn't have come at a better time.

First though, I wanted to share the details of the top I am wearing.  The Jools Signature Navy Rose Baby Doll Top is a vault piece by Jools Couture, and features the same silky soft stretch modal that many of their lounge wear items is made of. The signature corsette ruffles are just as soft as the rest of the blouse. I've had tops before that were soft to the touch, only to be covered in scratchy lace details that had me wishing the lace was as soft as the shirt itself. Jools delivers in that area!

The print itself is gorgeous, too, and is designed by the owner and designer behind Jools Couture.

I am wearing a size 8, and it's a perfect fit. Though it's technically a baby doll design, it tucks very well into high-waisted bottoms and can easily transition into a form-fitted look. I'd imagine this would be adorable in summer with jean shorts, but for now I've been wearing it in the office.

Now then - onto that handbag! Several retro-inspired companies offer handbags and accessories, but I have almost always found them to be too small. The beautiful clasp closures and shiny materials often outweigh usefulness, and I am left with something I can barely fit my wallet into.

Jool's Signature Handbag measures 29cm W x 25cm H x 12.5 cm D. This is nearly the same size as the interior, as the zippers (which are adorned with gold metal hearts) reaches all the way to the top of the handbag and there is no wasted space within. The handbag is finished off with a Jools <3 Paris keychain, which can be removed and used on your own set of keys. I keep mine on, both because it's a cute touch, and because it makes a little bell sound when I walk. I'm a sucker for the details.

It features a large internal compartment lined with the cutest polka dot lining. There are several smaller compartments to fit your phone, pens, or private items, but the main compartment is large enough for everything you would need. I use this on a daily basis, and it holds a water bottle, makeup bag and large wallet just so!

The exterior is made from a nylon quilted fabric, which is softer to the touch than any other quilted handbag I have owned. The handles are made from leather, and a detachable leather strap can be clipped on when the need arises.

I'm so excited by the collaborations I have had the honour of participating this year, especially because it means I can get more quality clothing reviews to you all, faster than I would otherwise! Thank you thank you thank you for reading <3

xo, Miss Betty Doll


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