Sunday, 22 October 2017

Baking with Littles - Ghosts in a Graveyard Made Easy!

Halloween season is well underway. To celebrate, I ordered these cute little kitty suspender skirts from Unique Vintage for the girls , and this Sourpuss Graveyard Skirt for me! The girls and I (read "Selene and I", Aurora mostly ate the cookies) also whipped up some super cute and easy Ghosts in a Graveyard Pudding Cups!

I've seen these done a few different ways, but in my (other) emergency trip to the U.S., I picked up a variety of Peeps to take back with me and I just had to use them in this recipe. 

How to make it kid friendly:

You can use any cookies, but I would use something pre-packaged like Teddy Grahams. I used one bag to make four pudding cups, and all you do is toss it to your little one and let them crush it with their hands, a rolling pin, whatever!

You can also make homemade pudding, but using the pre-packaged stuff means you can simply open each cup and pour the crumbs right over it - less mess and hassle, which is what you want when baking (or putting recipes together) with toddlers.

Lastly, whilst you can use cookies and write "RIP" on them with melted chocolate, I suggest using the Tombstone Peeps pictured - it's just easier.

  • Ghost Peeps
  • Tombstone Peeps
  • Chocolate Pudding Cups
  • Chocolate Cookies
  • Pumpkin Candies


  1. Crush a couple of cookies (or 1 packet of Teddy Grahams per 4 pudding cups)
  2. Pour the cookie crumbs over the pudding cups
  3. Place the tombstone in the back, place the ghost in front of the tombstone, and place the pumpkin next to both
  4. Done!

This took us about 5 minutes all up, and the girls were very excited.

On another note - the pretty little rose earrings I am wearing here are actually made of leather from Thin Leather Design! I have a review coming on them in a couple of weeks, but I wanted to share a close up of them as I was wearing them yesterday while we made our pudding cups :) I've been wearing these a lot lately, and they are quickly becoming a favourite of mine.

On a personal note - I am on my two week break from University, and it could not come fast enough. This has been the toughest teaching period to date, as I was taking second year Statistics (not my strong suit), and Research Methods - both psychology subjects that are notoriously difficult. Couple that with the second emergency U.S. trip this year, working full time and two needy princesses, and I had a very full plate. I'll have more on that soon, but suffice it to say it was an intense couple of months!

Either way, I've been surrounded by insanely supportive family and friends. Martin went to great lengths to keep me at ease while I finished up my Statistics assignments, and he could not have done more to make me feel loved and valued (while statistics itself did the opposite - it makes one feel like one knows nothing). 

Selene and Aurora have been wonderful handfuls. Selene is absolutely a threenager, and she argues every single point that I make. I used to drive me own mother to tears with my independence, and Selene has done much the same - but I wouldn't have her any other way. She is fiercely intelligent and kind, and I know this is a necessary process in her finding out who she is. Aurora has gone from speaking maybe 20 words here and there to consistent three word sentences, which has been amazing to witness. She also touches everything she isn't supposed to, and keeps us on our toes. I couldn't love either of them more than I do, and I know our personalities, and my husband's, all link in an intricate and beautiful way. We will all have much to teach each other as years go by.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading! I am back to regular weekly posts and can't wait to share more next week :)

xo Miss Betty Doll

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