Friday, 13 October 2017

I Give You... Powder Room - Jools Couture

I am so happy to get to speak about pretty lounge wear today, as this is actually a topic that is close to my heart. I believe everyone should dress in the way that they most feel comfortable - there is no "one size fits all" solution to anything in life, be it personality, viewpoints or fashion sense. However, I am a strong advocate for at least trying to wear things that make you feel beautiful. 

There have been studies that show that getting up and getting dressed first thing in the morning makes you more productive even if you are working from home. I feel it is the same way with wearing pretty clothes even when at home. It can give you a sense of purpose, boost your confidence and make you more productive. 

Apart from that, there is something to be said about dressing for yourself at home. If you dress well only when you are out and about, it's almost like telling yourself you aren't worth the trouble when you are at home. It's as if to say the opinions of others when they see you dressed well are more important than your own opinion when you are at home! Of course, comfort should come before all else when lounging about, but that brings me to my next point...

There are several places to get beautiful lounge wear now, and Jools Couture is my absolute favorite. Every single lounge wear and boudoir piece is exceedingly comfortable. 

Whilst this particular piece is from the vault and now out of stock, I have something more exciting to share with you! Jools Couture has offered you all 30% off of their boudoir collections. Most of the pieces are made in this same soft stretch fabric, and the array of pretty sleepwear pieces is just stunning. 

I will take you through the collections that are on sale, and don't forget to grab the discount code at the end of the post!

 Like all of Jools Couture's pieces, their intimates collection is as pretty as it is comfortable. Shop pretty little French briefs here

The stunning Harlow collection is filled with lounge wear that will rival your evening wear! Crystals, lace and other beautiful details await. Shop here.

Featuring pretty pink ruffles and grey tones, the Powerpuff Collection is sure to satisfy any girly girl at heart. Find all these and more here.

Featuring red ruffles, silky soft lounge pants and the Sweetheart Bow print that I featured in my Glamorous Loungewear post! Click here for more.

 Beauty bags and dainty hair bows will complete your look! Click here for more.

Use discount code BOUDOIR30 for 30% off until 11:59pm AEST on 31st of October. After all, it's trick or treating month, ladies, and I suggest you choose treat... yourself!

Thank you so much for reading, and for patiently waiting for my next post. Thank you to those who kept in touch while I took a short break, and I hope my upcoming content will excite you as much as it does me!

xo Miss Betty Doll


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