Saturday, 28 April 2018

Transeasonal Wear - Autumn is here!

First of all, I'd like to give a giant thank you to the beautiful Brooke from Brooke Orchard Photography. I'm so honored to have worked with her again and can't wait to make more magic together this year!

Melbourne has one of the trickiest climates in which to navigate transeasonal wear. There's the constant wind and rain and unpredictable temperatures. You could be shivering at 8am and fanning yourself by 1pm. It's for this reason that I bring you my guide to Autumn fashion, which will double as winter wear in some warmer climates like California.

First of all, let's start with layering. I have a Mak cardigan in just about every colour, and they've done wonders for my wardrobe. There are many places to purchase them, but my favourite is still Le Bomb Shop, which carries them in every colour. You can grab them here. They are very light and provide just enough coverage to keep you warm and help with layering for unpredictable weather. Not to mention they make many outfits office-friendly. 

Secondly, I can't suggest a good leather jacket enough. Being a vegetarian, I always purchase vegan leather. Luckily, this makes my "leather" jackets more inexpensive, so I have quite a collection. 

Here are a few of my favourites that I either own or have my eye on:

Next, capes are working so well for me this season. They are one of those items that give an outfit an instant lift. I particularly love the Sabrina Cape by Dolly and Dotty, as it's light weight and cropped at just the right length. 

Finally, gloves are a must-have for an autumn wardrobe - especially to accompany capes. They add an instant autumnal shift to your wardrobe. Forever new here in Australia has been a favourite glove destination of mine for years, but there are many others.

Asos (just search "gloves" on the Asos website for your country)

What are your favourite transeasonal pieces?

xo Miss Betty Doll

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