Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Tropicana Winter - Violets in May Hawaiian Dresses

Oh Violets in May, you have my heart. 

Violets in May is the creation of UK based pinup model Lola Diamond. It's amazing having a model be the brains and creator behind such a beautiful brand. Not only does she know how to fit everything just right to show off your curves, but she picks colours and fabrics that really pop on camera. 

We are in the dead of winter here in Melbourne. During business hours, I've been greeting clients with "My hands are freezing and I'm not made for this weather". However, most of the world is enjoying summer and sunshine, and I wanted to play on that by sharing this gorgeous creation. 

There are several different options for tropical wrap dresses. This dress is available in Flamingo Print here, however fabric is limited. If you can't get this fabric, there are several other options available in tropical prints, like this one here

All items can be custom-made, with limited runs of pre-made items. Despite the bespoke approach, Lola's prices are comparable to the likes of high-quality retro reproduction brands, giving you bang for your buck. 

I gave her my measurements and am in love with the fit. Halter styles like this dress can lead to neck pain if not properly fitted through the waist. They have to be tight enough that they can hold their own without squeezing you where you don't want it. The fit of this dress has it all, and I can't wait to take it out for beach days in the coming summer months. 

Thank you so much to the fabulous Brooke Orchard Photography for taking these photos earlier this year! I seem to bring stormy weather with me every shoot, and we fought the elements to get these photos. Brooke is an absolute professional and captures everything at just the right moment to get the images you dream of. 

Brooke recently added a boudoir package to her range of offerings. I was honoured to be her very first boudoir model, and she has done many since then - every one is more stunning than the last. Australian ladies, if you want an instant confidence boost and images you will never forget, get in touch with Brooke! You won't be disappointed. Check out her boudoir offerings here


Saturday, 16 June 2018

Coming Up Roses in Jools Couture

Getting a package in the mail from Jools Couture is always the highlight of my week. The high quality clothing is always lovingly packed, complete with a note from Jools herself.

The level of comfort each Jools Couture piece affords is always a topic I bring into my blog reviews, and the Baby Doll Rouge Rose Skirt is no exception. For a trained corsetiere, Jools knows how to take beautiful brings and cuts and bring them to life with comfort levels that rival that of her beautiful loungewear range.

The waistband of the skirt is elastic and securely sewn in a way that it won't fold or flip as the day wears on. The cut flares slightly at the bottom, giving you a feminine shape and feel. The ultra-stretch tec fabric hugs every curve and is super soft to the touch.

Most of the stretch fabric pencil skirts you might find in a department store aren't made to last. After a few washes you would see pilling and lack of elasticity. The fabric Jools uses is specially made to last, and I can't speak highly enough of it!

I can't get enough of beautiful floral prints, even in winter. For colder weather, I've been dressing the skirt up with layers. This white Pussybow Tie Top by Bonsai Kitten (other colours available here) and red jacket by Portman's have been doing the trick.

For those of you who haven't tried the footwear available from Kitten D'Amour - ladies, you are missing out! I am wearing The Vixen Shoe in red (available here), and have done so several times since I purchased them a couple of months ago. The cushioning inside the shoe makes for maximum comfort (can you see a theme in this post?) and I could walk in these all day without getting a sore arch.

For a personal update: I've taken a mini break from blogging whilst I started a new job (same career, different company). I've had studies coming out of my ears and new clients and took on too much all at once. I always do. But it's been an amazing month and I feel so good about the changes I've made.

I am taking a single term break from University because we will be travelling! We are going to see my husband's extended family in Montenegro for 2 weeks, and then we are going to Paris in September.

I've been working hard and doing my best to balance time with my husband and girls, but it hasn't been enough. I've been missing out on sleep just so I can fit everything in (we're talking four hours every night) and this vacation has come at just the right time. I also made a commitment to myself to save in our earliest years of marriage and save the travels for later - and now is the time to finally start travelling.

For those who have been following my blog or instagram page for a while, you'll know that my father passed away last September. We are putting some of what he left to me towards our time in Paris, including spoiling the girls at Disneyland Paris and eating at all the restaurants we want to. It's part of my way of honoring him, as we will be going the same month as his death anniversary. We can't wait!

For those of you ladies who travel often, I'd love your tips for long haul flights. We will have an initial 14 hour flight and then another 7 hour flight! I'd love your tips for staying fresh through all of that travel.

Thanks for reading!
xo Miss Betty Doll
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