Saturday, 24 November 2018

AshLash Review + Microblading

I had been wanting to get my eyebrows microbladed for months before I actually took the plunge and did it. Our trip to Europe this year is what gave me the push I needed. I booked in at Sallyful Beauty, partly due to the positive reviews and partly due to the afforable price. Feathering is a common trend in temporary eyebrow tattoos at the moment, with hairline strokes giving you the most natural look possible. It can also cost up to twice as much. As I am a bold makeup wearer and am rarely without red lips and false lashes, I thought it more sensible to get the more affordable microblading option that mimics eyebrows filled in with eyebrow pencil. 

It's a shame I didn't get photos throughout the entire process, as it varies so much. The first step is your first round of microblading, followed up a 6 week touchup. 

The first round was a bit of a shock for me. I have a high pain threshold, so when I'm told something is painful, I tend not to take it seriously. Microblading, however, really is painful! They use numbing cream, but towards the end of the session, after they have repeatedly wiped away the colour (and yes, little bit of blood from the repeated cuts they make) it definitely stings. It's not an intolerable pain, but scrapes to the skin are a different pain than anything else. It's a completely foreign pain so there's no way to really prepare for it. 

There is also a screechy, scraping noise that happens with each tiny cut. It's unsettling. 

The healing process for me wasn't that bad. It was a little tender for a week, but due to my dark hair it was difficult to tell my eyebrows were healing from anything. There were no scabs to be seen.

The photo below was taken just before the 6 week touchup. As you can see, the result of the first round is quite faded and there are patchy areas. This is normal, and is precisely why a touch up is required. 

Overall I am happy with the result. It takes me 5 minutes less every day to do my makeup, and when I go to the beach my eyebrows stay perfectly in place. 

One other experiment I tried before my trip to Europe was eyelash extensions. As easy as they are, nothing compares to my AshLash eyelashes, which I have been using for months now! I was relieved to get home and remove the last of my eyelash extensions so I could wear my AshLash lashes again. 

For $18 - $22 per pair, these faux mink lashes are worth every penny. I am wearing Lolita, which has been my go-to since they came out. Because they are made from such a natural looking material, I find them realistic enough to wear during working hours and out and about during the day on weekends. 

They last me for 20 + wears without losing their shape or fullness. 

My favourite thing about AshLash is their packaging! Each package comes in a beautiful pink box, with the lashes set in little circular gift boxes and wrapped in pink satin ribbon. If all that weren't enough, AshLash also sells eyelash adhesive that smells like sugar!

If the cost of luxery lashes is too steep for your current budget, AshLash also does bundles which are often on sale with deep discounts! It's always worth checking their page to see what's new. 

If you are thinking about getting your eyebrows microbladed, I am always available for quick advice. And if you are looking for your next round of faux lashes - AshLash has you covered!

Thank you for reading.

xo Miss Betty Doll

Friday, 9 November 2018

Paris and Trenchcoats - A Collectif Coat Review

Whilst we are well into spring here in Melbourne, much of the world is now nearly into winter!

During our time in Paris, the weather was extremely warm, save for our second last day there when we caught a drizzly, cool day. I think I love Paris just as much in the rain. It's the perfect city for beautiful coats and slow walks in the rain - after all, every inch of the CBD is beautiful.

We went to the Opera Garnier and then to Lauduree. I have to admit, I got misty-eyed in both places. The Opera Garnier is close to my heart as it inspired the Phantom of the Opera - my favourite musical, one of my favourite books, and, yes, even the move is a favourite of mine. Lauduree has also been a dream of mine to visit for years, and getting to take my girls was a dream come true. Aurora slept in my lap the entire time and it made for a peaceful hour of cuddles, quiet and oh so many macarons.

Afterwards we went to Pont Alexandre III after walking the Champs Elysees and snapped a few photos of my favourite trench coat from Collectif Clothing.

Collectif is brilliant at designing stunning coats. Whilst I love their clothes, I only ever find a piece or two that suits me in every release. The coats, however, are always my style.

I had this one taken up to just below the knee - this is more of a personal preference. I have a fairly small frame and feel I look swamped in clothing too far past the knee.

I ordered a size 8 and it fits perfectly. I keep the waist tighted fairly tight and in a bow for aesthetic purposes, but it can be worn with a simple tie too.

I would suggest ordering your standard size. There is zero stretch, but the sizing is generous as with most coats.


If you are looking for a coat to get you through lighter chills in autumn and mild winters, this is the coat for you! This colorway is currently out of stock, however they have it in a darker caramel here and a stunning leopard print here

What are your favourite coats and designers? I'd love to know!

xo Miss Betty Doll
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