Friday, 19 July 2019

The Pretty Dress Company - Hourglass Wrap Dress Review

I have been stalking the beautiful styles at The Pretty Dress company for years now. I remember when I first stumbled upon their website - before they exploded in popularity in the retro community, and felt like I'd stumbled upon a gold mine of dresses.

My favourite style of theirs is the Tilly Dress - the off shoulder style and pretty bows are gorgeous - but the dress I chose to get recently is the Hourglass Faux Wrap Pencil Dress in this lovely lilac. I am a huge fine of lilac and lavender dresses, but have very few in my wardrobe (mostly because it's not a very common colour and dresses in that shade are hard to find). 

I got a size 6 and the fit is perfect. I knew a 6 would be the right fit, even though I am somewhere between a UK size 6 and 8 (US size 2 and 4), because I have worn size 8 dresses from The Pretty Dress company before and they were too big. Their sizing tends to be generous. 

I have been mixing a few fast fashion pieces into my wardrobe lately as I experiment with new styles - for example I have been loving mini skirts and more of a 60s look during winter. Anyway, I love having a truly high quality dress on my body again. You can feel the difference the second you put it on. The stitching is well done, the dress itself is well constructed and the material is thick and of high quality. I do wish there was slightly more stretch to their dresses for a bit of a sexier fit - but these are meant to be classy and it works beautifully!

I would recommend ordering with a friend where you can, as these are in pounds, and for Australians and Americans (and many other places!) the conversion rate at the moment is not great. Ordering with a friend will save you on shipping at least. I also recommend checking out their sale section often, as they do a fantastic job of churning dresses in their sale section and add the latest styles - it's not just bottom-of-the-barrel leftovers in the sale section, but many stunning dresses! 

If you are looking for some feminine office-appropriate dresses I would check out the Hourglass Faux Wrap dresses. And if you are looking for your next evening gown, or a gorgeous, unique off the shoulder number, this is absolutely the shop for you! 

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