Monday, 9 September 2019

Oh My Mak! Matching Mother Daughter Cardigans

I used to do almost all the shopping for the girls at a place called Pumpkin Patch, which shut down a couple of years ago. I have been desperately seeking new cardigans for the girls in black and several other colours and have had no luck - until recently! 

Mak has released a Mommy and Me line and I am in love. I have been wearing Mak sweaters for years, incorporating them into my spring and autumn outfits. 

The little girls' line consists of the long sleeved, v neck cut and comes in:

  • baby yellow
  • black
  • lavender
  • red
  • light pink
  • white
  • camel

We have the pink, lavender, black and red and use them all consistently. They are especially perfect for Melbourne's unpredictable weather, for which we tend to layer up for. The black is perhaps my favourite, as black is one of the hardest colours to find in children's sweaters.

Sizing wise, Selene is wearing size 6/8 and Aurora is wearing size 2/4. I generally purchase sweaters big enough to last for a year or two in a size bigger than usual. Selene is a size 6 (she is 5 years old) and Aurora is a size 5 (she is 3 years old). Both cardigans are a perfect fit, and the stretch leaves them with room to grow!

Best of all, these are extremely affordable, just like the rest of the Mak sweater line. The girls' cardigans are only $33.50 USD each. International shipping is free if your order exceeds $100USD, and if you sign up for their mailing list you get 35% off!

If you are looking for sweaters to add to your wardrobe that are affordable and easy to wear, or if you want matching sweaters for the little girl in your life, Mak is your shop! 

 In other news, I realised I haven't shared anything really personal in quite a while on the blog. I suppose the reason for this is I've been hibernating over the winter period and enjoying it. I've organised several parts of our home, begun listening to several incredible podcasts and gotten lost down the rabbit hole of documentaries with my husband.

One exciting event I am looking forward to is visting home for the first time in nearly two years. Our last family vacation was well over a year ago and we are in desperate need of some good family time. Martin and I also have our 10 year anniversary coming up in December, which we will celebrate a little earlier in November.

Thank you so much for reading <3

xo Miss Betty Doll

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