Saturday, 15 August 2015

Doll Me Up Cardigans

My winter wardrobe is severly lacking. Originally coming from Arizona and Texas, USA, the weather here in Melbourne is far too chilly and leaves me in constant denial of winter styles. Sundresses are my favourite and make me feel alive.

However, I went on a mission this winter to find cardigans to help complete my wardrobe and allow me to stay warmer in chilly seasons. I remembered seeing a gorgeous rainbow of such cardigans somewhere, but couldn't remember where. I discussed them with a girlfriend and spent days searching the net and wracking my brain till I stumbled upon the website again - enter Doll Me Up!

Originating in El Paso, Texas, where I spent my formative teen years, this little online store has everything a pinup girl could want. My favourite section has to be their cardigans though. Most of them are V neck, which I love. Cardigans can have a nanny vibe (and hey, nanny knew how to dress, otherwise we wouldn't be rocking what we do, no?) that I'm not a big fan of. V neck cardigans remove this association, allowing for the top of your dress or blouse to peak through as well as a little cleavage if need be.  There are several stores with vast cardigan selections, but Doll Me Up is definitely my top pick.

Here I am wearing the Tootsie Cardigan in Opal,  which matches so perfectly with my Pinup Girl Clothing Baton Rouge Floral Vamp Top it kills me. I also have lavender but hope to add many more to my growing collection.

These are super light weight and stretchy, so using them as a winter cardigan may not be the best option. Still, they will cover those arms and help you from looking like a fruit loop like I often do when I wear short sleeves on freezing days. I wear my standard size small.

Best of all they come in several colorways. I don't know about you, but to me there is nothing worse than finding the best dress/top/skirt/cardigan only to find it doesn't come in the color of your desire.

Most of their items go from size Small to "Lovely", however they are currently working on getting "Extra Lovely" sizes up to size 4x. Besides the above mentioned items, they also carry some of our beloved brands such as Bernie Dexter, Deer Arrow and Erstwilder. They also have some of the cutest aprons ever and a collection of sheer nylon headscarves. Phew! Talk about a one stop shop of fabulousness!
(moment of silence in honor of the hotness that is the above Cortney Maylee)

LASTLY, they have free US shipping and fast, cheap international shipping. And good customer service.

Am I missing anything? Are you ready to shop there yet? On your marks... get set... go!

Monday, 3 August 2015

Matching Mother Daughter Outfits - Pow Pow! in Pigtails and Pirates

Getting photos of these beautiful dresses from Pigtails and Pirates has been exceptionally difficult. Sourcing a photographer and then dealing with rescheduling due to Melbourne's finicky weather made this a lengthy process, but finally it is done!!

Tina Ramos Photography and I went up to Harbourtown near Costco to see what we could use as a backdrop. I chose this location because of the colorful artwork and cityscape in the distance, but we weren't sure exactly how it would pan out.

It turned out to be a fantastic setting, as the colors of our surroundings matched our dresses so well!


I purchased these dresses from Pigtails and Pirates a few months ago, in preperation for Comic Con. I originally wanted to cosplay as a family (Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon, anyone?) but couldn't find anything in Selene's size. Then I thought of Pigtails and Pirates and new some of their nerdtastic fabrics would be a perfect alternative.

I got our outfits for Mother's Day from Pigtails and Pirates as well, so had no hesitation when ordering from them again.

The customer service is second to none. Each time I have come to the lovely ladies there with one of my silly requests (the last one was an all pink dress for Selene because I couldn't find one in the shops), I have been completely catered to. Creator Laura Jones is always a pleasure to work with. She's also seriously good looking. Like, drop dead gorgeous. Just sayin'.

The bodice of this style dress comes fully lined. The fabric is light weight, making it ideal for summery weather. I layer it in winter because, really, what pinup gives up her summertime dresses just for 40 degree Celsius weather?

I ordered a size 8/small and the fit is perfect everywhere. I'd wager even bustier ladies can fit into their standard sizing, however custom orders are Laura's specialty!

Selene's is a toddler's size 2 and fits her perfectly as well. She is 18 months. The v neck style that I ordered is quite low, so be sure to pop a shirt underneath as pictured for colder weather!

I saved for months to get my first couple of dresses from Pigtails and Pirates, and their customer service and variety of beautiful fabrics will always keep me coming back for more.

xo, Miss Betty Doll
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