Sunday, 12 May 2019

Happy Mother's Day with Lady V London and Little Lady Vintage!

When Lady V London contacted me to ask if I wanted to sample their new children's line, I jumped at the chance. There are so many websites full of matching mother-daughter clothing, but quality outfits in a style I like are so difficult to find!

I have special memories attached to every matching outfit we have owned. I did a massive closet clear out last month and found myself wrought with emotions as I held every tiny dress they have worn to match with my own skirts and dresses. I was so thankful for the opportunity to try out a new line! What better day to snap and release some pictures than on Mother's Day?

I have worn Lady V London several times for myself and was happy to see the children's line matches the quality and variety of fabric patterns I have come to expect from Lady V. The children's line, appropriately named Little Lady Vintage, has several different patterns and fabrics available. This one, called Black Ornate Floral, has a perfect little stretch to it that makes it easy to wear. both mine and the girls' dresses are exactly the same dress. 

Mine is a size 8/10, which I found to be a little big in the waist. Luckily these come with sashes which tie in the back of the waist and cinched it in perfectly. 
The girls are wearing size 3/4 and 5/6. They are super long with plenty of room for them to grow into. 

I haven't put the girls' in vintage-inspired dresses like this for a while and it brought back a flood of memories. We wore matching outfits like this every day when we traveled to Paris last year and they have since outgrown them. It's so nice to have high-quality pieces like this that I know they will continue to grow into and, one day, be able to set aside for their children. 
In the spirit of both motherhood and nostalgia, I wanted to share my top fashion tips that I would pass down to the girls.

Top 5 Style Tips I Would Pass on to My Daughters

1. Fit is everything. It doesn't matter what style you choose to have, just make sure it fits your body! Jeans that are too tight will cut into your hips or waist and leave you feeling uncomfortable and won't showcase your shape. 

2. Your style is your own - it's ok not to fit in! I discovered retro fashion when I was 18. I wore it awkwardly and copped more than a few comments about it, but I persisted. Now, I wouldn't trade my own style for anything. Wear what makes you happy and enjoy it. 

3. Don't worry about size. The fashion industry creates different sizes for jeans, skirts, tops, everything. Nothing is regulated, so don't stress out about it! Size doesn't matter anyway.

4. Dress your best. You don't have to be all high heels and pearls - be your own style! But whatever style you choose, always put effort into your look. It shows your respect for others. In the same way, you would clean up your home before guests arrive, take time to fix yourself up before you leave the house. 

5. Your body is perfect just as it is. Don't conform. Wear and do what brings you joy. Accentuate the parts of the body as it makes you happy. 


Thank you to Lady V London for sending us these dresses! I can't wait to order more - I already have my eye on a few!

If you have any questions about the fit of these, ask me here, email me at missbettydoll91@gmail,com or message me on instagram, @missbettydoll . 

Massive thank you to my husband for snapping these. He always gets the best photos of the girls and I am so grateful to him for always thinking of us and snapping photos for me!

Miss Betty Doll

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